• I enjoy playing the Mini Games, especially when I have the time. However, I like some more than others and some I don't even want to play at all! So I thought it would be nice to see which games are the most popular with everyone.

    This is the way I rate them:

    • Favorite
    • OK, but would rather play favorites
    • Never play

    The new game - what is it called? For some reason I really love this game! :D
    The small card game - it's quick!

    OK, but I would rather play my favorites:
    Stepping Stones - Used to be one of my favorites.
    Match three - Used to be my favorite game. I don't know what happened.
    Medium card games - I would rather click until I get the smaller card game!

    Never Play:
    Hidden Objects - I have yet to find them all! So frustrating!
    Snowing game (or the Santa one) - my screen slides from 70% - 120% back and forth and it's really hard to do the game like that. I used to play it all the time, but for some reason my screen started acting up like that so now I don't bother with it.
    Large card game - I would rather click until I get the smaller card game!
    Pipe game - I think I only connected the pipes correctly two times!

    Did I get them all? I think so, but if you find one I forgot to mention, please let me know! And I would love to know which games you like the best. And do you click until you play them? Or do you just play the game you get the first time? :D

  • My favorite is the card game; I don't care if it's small, medium or large. I feel that playing games where I have to remember where each card is, is good for keeping my memory sharp.

    My second favorite is the pipes. The trick to that, True, is start from the bottom. :) Also, there are only a limited number of patterns, so once you learn them, you learn to recognize which one it is. Some of them unfortunately take a while for the water to go through the pipes (and you can't minimize the page, or switch to another browser tab, or the water stops flowing), and I sometimes don't want to take the time. So when it's one of those, I will refresh for something else.

    The match 3 is fun, and I play it sometimes. I usually prefer the smaller boards. :)

    I love the snow game, at least in the Christmas present format. Even though it takes a little longer than most of the games that I play, I like the graphics for it. :) Although sometimes I won't play it when I'm pressed for time.

    The ones I never play are the picnic (hidden object) game, and the stepping stones. Even though I know where all the objects are in the picnic page, sometimes when I click the correct object, it says I didn't, and then I have to start over. I HATE that, so I just won't bother with that game anymore. The stepping stones used to be one of my favorites, but I just haven't played it in a while, I'm not sure why.

    I also don't play the new one that often. I don't like how random it is. Sometimes I have all but one or two flowers, and then I have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, until the final flower(s) come up. My best friend gets frustrated with it, because on her computer her mouse is either unreliable or slow, not sure which, but she can almost never click the flowers in time.


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  • Favourite (never re-roll)
    Find pairs (any size)
    Match 3 (any size, but bigger the better. I really like the one with all the flowers)
    Hidden Objects (even though I have no idea what Zwieback is, I know where it is :P And it's crucial to know the difference between a rabbit and a hare)

    OK (re-roll if in a hurry)
    Stepping stone
    Pipe (The game itself is fun however the wait for the water to run through...)
    Shadow (I also don't like the wait of the last few flowers)

    Never play (always re-roll)
    Snow/Santa game (it just takes too much time!)

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  • Favorite - Shadow flower game, flipping cards, pipes, stones, match game.

    OK, but would rather play favorites - Star and/or falling presents.

    Never play - Picnic game, but sometimes I do, just not very often.

    I also don't play the new one that often. I don't like how random it is. Sometimes I have all but one or two flowers, and then I have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, until the final flower(s) come up.

    Shadow (I also don't like the wait of the last few flowers)

    As for waiting for the shadow flower game to circle around, if you click in the center, it will instantly change the flower to something else. Just keep clicking until you get what you want. :)

  • Favourites
    ~ Pipes
    ~ Shadow
    ~ Stepping stones

    Ok, but rather play favourites
    ~ Match 3 (any size)
    ~ Picnic/find hidden objects
    ~ Pairs (any size)

    Never play (unless I'm on computer and have time)
    ~ Snow/Santa game

    I'm mostly playing the games with my phone and the falling game isn't very easy with it. I don't usually re-roll the others even if I'm in hurry :)

  • Favourites:
    - Memory (I like all the sizes)
    - Stepping Stones (It's quick and easy)
    - Flower Shadows (Also quick and easy)
    - Match 3 (smaller sizes are ok, but the large one can be frustrating when I just need to match one last kind and they're not generating)

    Never play:
    - Falling Game (It takes too long and the movement is kinda bad)
    - Hidden Object (I hate how it undoes everything when you misclick)
    - Pipes (The water is infuriatingly slow going through the pipes and you can't even go to a different tab, also 2/3 of the time it's the pipe going straight down so it's not even a challenge)

    EDIT: I tried the clicking in the center thing in shadow and it worked. So the game has ranked up for me.

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  • It all depends on the device - on the computer I like and play all of them. On the tablet - falling snow is out of question, navigating the basket is too difficult, and hidden object is also harder on the smaller screen. OTOH flower shadows seems to be made just for this device.

  • Wow, I am amazed at how many people said the pipes is one of their favorite! Simply amazed! It's probably my least favorite! I would rather play any other game than it! Well, the hidden objects one is right there with it, I guess.

    That is great news, Bluheart! I will definitely try that! That was the only thing I didn't like about it, but I am usually watching something on YouTube, so I just look at the tv screen and glance at my laptop every once in a while, but now I won't even have to do that!

    I'm also surprised and happy with all the replies there have been! :D Thanks everyone!

  • Favourite (never re-roll)
    Pipe (I love these games, but waiting for the water sometimes results in not finishing the game because I clicked somewhere else and it stops)
    Find pairs (small and medium)
    Stepping stone

    OK (re-roll if in a hurry)
    Find pairs (big)
    Match 3
    Hidden Objects

    Never play (always re-roll)
    Snow/Santa game (I don't managa to collect the correct things... Maybe I should try again...)

  • I agree, True, I hadn't known about clicking in the center. I tried it today, and it worked like a charm, so the game wasn't frustrating like it has been in the past.

    I love this, but I have to admit that the first time I did it I kept clicking the the middle image even after I got the one I wanted! LOL! I think I clicked the right one four times!

  • Snow/Santa game (I don't managa to collect the correct things... Maybe I should try again...)

    The only things to avoid are the bundles of sticks. All the gifts, candies, cookies, and baubles give you points; the sticks take points away.

    At least, I'm pretty sure that's how it works. I tend to focus on the gifts, which give more points than the other things, and I avoid the sticks, and it doesn't take me too long to complete that game.


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  • well, I like playing almost all of them.
    my least favorite is the snow one, and only because it's horribly laggy and that's annoying to deal with.
    other than that, I'm not the biggest fan of the pipes game.
    the big version of the memory game is annoying, but I like that game in general.

  • I tried the Snow/Santa game again today. It's reacting very slowly (5 seconds from one side to the other) and that's why I'm always collecting the wrong things.. This way, I need at least five minutes till I finish.

  • sroo: That is interesting. I had always figured there was only one answer, but you're right; it's very clear that you can solve that particular layout three different ways.

    (And now that I've seen a faster path than I've always known about before, it won't take as long for the water to go down anymore.)


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