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    fkrauthan : I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out. :) I used to work IT, and I know how difficult that can be. I've also been a programmer (actually, still am - once a programmer, always a programmer), so I know how difficult figuring out bugs can be.

    While the logging off thing is annoying, so far it hasn't logged me off in the middle of a game I'm using to water my plants. I'll admit, that would be far more annoying than just having to log on every time I'm checking on them.

    truelinor Good luck with resetting your password! And welcome back! I've missed you. :)

    I've removed my cookies, and I'm still getting logged out every 10-15 minutes or so.

    I hadn't noticed the inability to bend a branch, since I rarely let my clouds build up, but I was seeing the option for water in the top selection, so long as there was at least a drop and a half missing.

    What I *am* noticing, though, is that while I will get the "water" option when there are a drop and a half missing, once it goes down to one drop, the option disappears, without the snail option popping up, at least after the first two plants I'm watering. The snail option will only show up for the first two plants I'm watering with the bucket; after that, the snail option will not appear for any of my remaining plants.

    This is not the way it has worked in the past. I'm not certain if this was a deliberate change, or just an error. The problem for me is that I like it when all four of my seeds germinate at the same time, and they're no longer going to do this if we can only do the snail on two of our plants.

    It may have something to do with the server move. I don't know if it would be better to post that in the server news thread, but fkrauthen might be looking at that more. If it's a server move issue, he definitely needs to know. It probably is; I keep getting logged out, so I think there's something wrong with the way the site is creating cookies. Your problem may be related.

    edit: Never mind, I saw that you did post it there. :)

    The plant sorting does appear to be fixed (yay! :D ), but I'm still getting logged out every few hours, even though I select the "keep me logged in" option. My browser does not automatically reject cookies; I use too many sites that require them for me to want to do that. I'm guessing that the new setup has cookies that expire too quickly.

    Edit: Another odd thing I've noticed is that the ability to remove a snail from my plants sometimes disappears while I'm watering them. If I just happened to not have watered them in a while, so have to do more than a usual amount, I lose all ability to remove the snails and gain that extra time.

    Originally that ability was added because Exterminans actually ADDED time to the plants for germination; only by picking off a snail every day could we get it back down to 4 days as it had originally been. But if this mechanic is being impaired, then it's now going to take longer for seeds to germinate.

    I usually only get to remove snails from two plants now. While I'm in the midst of watering my third or so plant, the option will suddenly disappear, even if it was there just one watering click before. This is not how it had been, so I'm wondering what in the coding has changed.

    I keep getting logged out of my greenhouse and have to log in again. It seems to happen every couple of hours, so far. Also, all my settings got messed up this last time; my flowers were sorted by oldest, and I always sort them by species. I changed it back, but I'll have to see if it goes haywire again.

    Just thought I'd mention it, we seem to have a few glitches going on at the moment. :)

    It might, but in that case it's not likely to be the fault of the admins here, but something in the way Firefox is implementing HTML.

    I can tell you that from a web developer point of view, Firefox USED to be the favored browser, because it implemented HTML, CSS, and Javascript following all the correct rules, therefore making it a very stable platform. That has not been true for a few years now. Now it's Chrome that web developers prefer, because that's the browser most closely conforming to correct web programming code.

    And you can forget about I.E. and Edge. Microsoft has such hubris that they feel they don't need to follow standard protocols, but can make up their own, and the WWW consortium can just follow them. That's bull crap, of course, but Microsoft has always been full of itself.

    Shhhhh! *waves hands* Don't TELL them that! Then they'll stop them. ;)

    I just hope Valentine's Day hasn't been forgotten. And that they give us a more than just a few days to breed, because with all the variants there are, that's going to make things impossible for newcomers to the game.

    The Lucky Clovers are gone for the year, but I haven't yet seen any Heart of Valentine seeds in the garden. I haven't tried breeding yet, since I know we can breed them all year, we'll just get Bleeding Hearts with them if the holiday is not on.

    Any information on when it's going to start? Heart of Valentines are probably my favorite flower on this site. :)

    It's possible that the four candle wreath was a Post Pixie gift for you; masterkat, did you get a seed of any kind from the post pixie this year? I didn't; I got some pretty pots, but no seeds. There are a few variants, I'm not sure which ones, that were originally only obtainable through the post pixie, and now can be picked up other ways.

    Actually, I do remember one: The first year the wreaths were out, we were each given two wreath seeds by the post pixie. Because that was the only way we could get them, there was a whole lot of trading going on afterwards so everyone could get one of each variant. A couple of years later both became available; the candle variant in the wild, and the angel only by breeding. Since we each only had two wreaths to begin with, very few of us had the opportunity to get any angels that year. :)

    Many of the older plants that are currently bred-only variants of holiday plants used to be available in the wild. The mechanic of having bred-only variants only came in about a year or two after FG was created. Both of the pumpkin variants fall into that category.

    In addition, the palm tree was available the first year by completing a Christmas quest they had on the site. It was from the Post Pixie, so was unbred. (But technically not wild caught, either, even though it had no parents.) At the time, we were unaware that the palm tree would be a bred-only variant, since the only ones that any of us got that year were from the Post Pixie.

    I think the four-candle wreath that you show was from a similar situation as the palm tree; the year it was released, the site did a repeat of the Christmas quest, and those of us who already had palms got that wreath. (Although I think that if you did NOT have the palm tree, you may have gotten the palm tree instead. I don't recall the specifics on that anymore.)

    I haven't (haven't been going for those this year), but a friend of mine got one. Hers isn't bred, so it might actually be a wild-only variant, since that seems to have become a thing recently.

    Just hoping we might see some seeds soon, and be able to breed ours. If it starts too late, it goes into New Year's and overlaps.

    I'm looking forward to it! :)

    They've already stopped dropping the Halloween seeds? :( I mean, I can understand their feelings about the timing, but there are SO MANY new variants (and old variants) that having even a CHANCE at all of them is very difficult. We can only get four seeds every four days at most. Four and a half days, if we don't have a chance to pick up the snail.

    We also didn't even KNOW there were new variants of Jacks and Audreys until recently, because although they announced the snappies, they didn't announce the others, and the question mark on those didn't show up right away.

    While I don't want to whine (although I suppose I am), it's just a little sad if we have no chance to get them.

    It's random, although maybe the admins didn't turn on the breeding aspect for Jacks this year. Normally during the year you can breed them with pumpkins and get pumpkins, but if they didn't toggle on Jack breeding (it's a separate toggle from the drops, from what Exterminans once said), then it would be the same as during the rest of the year.