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    Yes. Gift a flower (any sort, I think) and get a gift from the post pixie.

    What I can't figure out, though, is how to use the new decoration. In fact, the options to decorate my various gardens seem to have disappeared. I can no longer remove or add plants to any of them; being unable to add a plant is unsurprising (my gardens all have full pots), but I don't have the spade to be able to remove a plant from a pot in order to replace it. I also can't remove decorations from my Winter Garden in order to be able to change the decorations out, therefore I can't test to figure out where this new decoration is supposed to go.

    Has anyone figured it out yet? I'm thinking maybe Chrome isn't handling the JavaScript correctly or something. But I'd like to know first if anyone else has been successful with it.

    Yes, they do need to be the same species. If you click a plant to view it, you'll see two sets of items on the left side: "Parents" and "Actions". Next two Actions, you'll see either three or four options. If the plant is breedable (that is, if there's a potential mate for it on your scroll, AND it's not an event plant that is only breedable for a specific time), then the first option on the list will be "breed". When you click that option, it will show you a list of available mates.

    So, if you don't see the "breed" option, you need more of that plant. Occasionally a plant may need a different breed of plants for breeding; Lucky Clovers can only be mated with White Clovers, for instance, and can be bred all year round, it's just that if you breed them out of event time, all you'll get are White Clovers, not Lucky Clovers.

    If there are particular plants you're curious about, it's best to be specific. Different plants have different requirements. St. Patty's Treasure can't be bred at all, for instance, although I think it might be the only plant with that limitation.

    I will throw in my vote as well. :) The Christmas plants are some of the prettiest in the game; many of the newer members don't have most of the variants.

    And there are:

    8 Christmas Tree variants

    6 Christmas Star variants

    6 Christmas Wreath variants

    3 Fireworks variants

    7 Lucky Clover variants

    Some of these - such as the burning tree and the palm tree and the angel - are bred-only variants. The Christmas Stars used to all be bred-only - you had to breed a tree with a poinsettia to get the seed - but now you can find seeds in the wild during event drops. I don't know if any of the variants of the Star are bred-only variants.

    Despite the names, the Christmas rose and the Christmas cactus aren't event-only plants; thank goodness, or we'd be even more overwhelmed during the season! :D

    Shadowlady: I noticed something similar last night; the audreys were still breedable then, but the jacks kept giving me pumpkin seeds.

    I'm afraid our wild garden is a little overrun with those now; when you refresh in the wild garden, half the seeds it will show you will be pumpkin seeds now. We may have to do something about that, even if it means grabbing one or two every so often and just trashing them to get rid of all of them. I don't like doing that, but I also don't like having so many unwanted seeds clogging up the garden.

    As long as your gardens are fully watered and all the clouds gone from the sun, you'll have the snail option. If you have too many clouds or your plants need watering, you'll generally get those options instead.

    As Alia said, the main purpose is to speed up plant growth. They come approximately every 24 hours, and your plants will grow in slightly over 4 days normally (if you don't pick off the snails), so they lower the plant growth time to slightly under 4 days.

    At least that's what the admins told us when they implemented the mechanic into the game. :)

    If you instead use the free option to water that plant, you lose the chance to pick off a snail, which means you won't be able to get the little bump of four hours' growth. I try to remember to save the free option at the top for the snail, for that reason.

    A cooking choice might be interesting, but the question is, what would we be able to do with it? :) Perhaps turn it into fertilizer? We've never had a fertilize option in the game... although I'm not entirely sure I'd want them to add one, if it adds too much to the complexity.

    Yes, you will eventually get several gardens (An Atrium, a Winter Garden, and a Forest Lake) that you can decorate with your various flowers and plants, which includes special "plants", such as the bunnies we get for Easter.

    As I recall, you earn them one by one just by growing enough plants in your regular garden. There are also special decorations you can get for those gardens from games that they sometimes post during the holidays. We haven't seen very many of those special events the past year, due to various things going on in the world, but maybe the admins will bring one or two back soon.

    That really would be wonderful. I never managed to get all the variants of either the jacks or the snappy tree stumps last year. There wasn't a lot of time for us to get a chance to try.

    I don't think we've had any of the holiday plants this year, though, as the admins may be under a lot of strain in other ways.

    We don't really need any new variants - in fact, new variants may just make things too difficult - just a chance to breed and catch drops would be fun enough.

    Welcome back! I remember you, the hoopiest frood in the universe. ;)

    You may have to redo your signature, getting new view links from your plants. It has changed, but it has been a while, so I don't remember exactly how anymore.

    My avatar is a picture of my cats, back when they were kittens. :)

    I highly disagree there. We only have so much time on this planet before we're gone. Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource. I understand not everyone has this mentality, but I do.

    I think it's the difference between being introverted and extroverted. It sounds like you are more introverted (as am I), and introverts find interacting with other people to be physically and mentally draining. Extroverts are the opposite; they find that interacting with other people exhilarates and energizes them.

    Extroverts often really do not understand how difficult it is for introverts to put forth that kind of effort. To them it is easy and effortless, so they think it must be that way for everyone. They also have trouble believing that we are telling the truth when we say how difficult it is; they think we are exaggerating, or straight-out lying, and it's really just that our internal systems are completely different.

    I used to be more extroverted (but never very strongly so), but that slowly changed over time. I really find it quite exhausting dealing with people I don't know well, and this was something I wouldn't have understood when I was younger.

    Another issue is, each user is only allowed to click on a certain number of other players' plants per day; after that, none of our clicks do anything. It's not that large of a number; I think something like 20 or 30? I don't remember anymore. It became more obvious to us after we had the Abandoned Gardens thread going, because for the first certain number of clicks, we'd be clearing out clouds and/or watering the seeds, and after that, nothing would happen anymore.

    Fortunately, that number is NOT tied in with clicking on your own plants. Every 24 hours you can click on each of your own seeds and seedlings and pick up a snail (assuming you've already completely watered the garden and removed the clouds), which speeds up their growing time. That's on a separate counter for your clicks on other players' plants. I think at first it wasn't, but Exterminans fixed it when he realized that.

    Oh, and you can only click on a plant in someone else's garden once. Once you've clicked a specific plant, clicking on that plant again doesn't do anything. I think that resets every 24 hours or so, but again, I'm not sure of the timing. You can still click on each of that person's seeds, you just can't click a single seed more than once and have it do anything the subsequent times.

    Well, the plants on this site can be watered and have the clouds removed purely by the user playing games; you don't have to have other people click on them to make them grow. It takes a lot of clicks from other people in order to keep a single plant growing, whereas the player can keep their garden growing fairly easily. (I think I need to play four or so games per day to keep my seeds watered and to keep the sun away. Or maybe a few more; I don't really keep track.)

    There is the abandoned gardens thread, where we post links to plants and gardens that appear to be abandoned, but players who are active don't really need that.

    I'm not sure why we need a click thread, unless you're thinking a click thread for other adoptable sites? There are a few of those already, in the Off Topic forum. Various other games have their own threads; it's a good way for people to know about events on those other sites, as well as to know who else is on them, and a way of exposing your clickables for other players to click them.

    I may be misunderstanding what you're asking for. If so, please let me know. :)

    That's an idea. Never thought of it before, but on occasion I've wanted to look at someone's garden, and right now you have to kind of go through a bunch of hoops to get there.