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  • I would like to give you something for your efforts with the hollies. I have a CB silver tinsel, and a friend of mine has a CB gold tinsel. Would you like 2nd gen offspring from either? I don't currently have any open trades for mine, and I think my friend has a few for hers, so if you want the silver, I can get you an egg probably pretty quickly. :)

    • Awww that is so sweet of you but I don't need anything in exchange! I just like doing stuff when I see someone needs help. :)

    • You sure? Because I wouldn't mind giving you a baby from my silver tinsel. :)

    • I have bad hands. They hurt all the time. Right now the weather is killing my left hand. I've been saying that amputation would be merciful. My family says no mercy for me. *sigh* They are mean kids! lol I don't play as actively as I used to. My speed has slowed down so much. I mostly just play to collect now. I'm fine as is. I have all of the sparklies, just not uber lineages and that is OK with me! :D

  • I want to thank you, again and again, for those two CB hollies. I only had one day before I had to leave (and I also had to pack that day) to get eggs from the holiday biome, and try as I might, the one kind I could never catch were the hollies. I finally despaired, and figured it would just have to wait another year, when more people already had them and there wasn't as much competition. You and your friend are VERY generous to give those to me! <3

    • Actually my friend is a friend who took over my Mom's account when she passed away in 2011. She said she hated for it to just disappear so she would keep it active and try to get the new dragons for it. She doesn't breed them. Don't feel bad that she didn't get CB because she already had some Hollies with decent lineage. It's all good in the end! *hugs*

  • Howdy, Bluheart! How are you this fine day? :D

    • I'm so sorry. I think I need to give up on this little bunny. It seems it is not meant to be. I have been very sick lately and not been on untili today. The link is now expired. Please give this little bunny to someone that is able to catch it in time. Again, I apologize for being so late to accept it.

    • I got it! Thanks so much for putting up with me! I'll love it forever! <3

    • You put up with me, not the other way round. Glad you got it and that it made you smile. That's what Flowergame is for--to make us smile and let us help make each other smile.

    • Awww! That made me smile! I <3 smiles! I feel if I can make someone smile every time I am out, then I have done a good job. People do not smile enough today. I trry to make someone smile because I know it will make them feel good. Then they will smile at someone else which makes them feel good and that smile gets passed around. It's just a tiny thing, but it can have a huge impact on people. Smiles are contageous and wonderful! *hugs*

  • Did you want the grey bunny or the flower-sniffing one? Because you asked for a grey flower-sniffing one, but there isn't such a thing. There's grey and there's the tan one sniffing flowers. So which do you want?

    • I'm sorry for my mistake. I meant the grey one. I got confused. I posted on your thread. Sorry for the late reply. I was in the hospital and just got out today. Thanks!

  • Oops!

    • Seems like someone else took this flower already. It was for a Mushroom. That is what I got when I went to that link. It is OK! I do appreciate that you told me. :) Thanks!

    • I checked your post. I had asked for a Grey Bunny. Hopefully I'll get one when the time comes aroud. :)

  • A rather late welcome, but a welcome none the less! Did someone send you flowers?

    • Thanks! Flowers? No but I did get a free one from one of the threads. It was one of the holiday plants.

  • Welcome :D