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    Hello and welcome back! It's always good to see new faces here. I hope you have a great time! :)

    *silly me messed up the previous post too much to fix!*

    The bunny seeds look like easter eggs. This is one:


    Do you not already have any?

    No I don't and I didn't see any when I looked. I remember what they look like from past years. Unless they have stopped dropping there are none in my wild garden now. I just clicked maybe 50 times and didn't see any.

    The Snowdrop is also a bulb and looks very similar to a Daffodil but is smaller while the Daffodil has a shiny appearance.

    @fkrauthan Could you possibly clarify this as well as remedy the lack of Daffodils in the Garden, please? I'd love to grow some! Thanks! :)

    I literally just caught a seed in the wild garden. They are out there.

    I think daffodils might be season dependent so they start to appear in the wild in spring and probably last for the summer (this is just me speculating as I haven't seen daffodil seeds before middle of March)

    I still don't see them. I see all the other Spring flowers. Also, I agree that they haven't been seasonal. Just holiday ones are seasonal. Did you keep the seed?

    I didn't realize that I had only ever grown 2 Daffodils so I'd like to grow more excerpt I can't' find any seeds. :( I spent probably 10-15 minutes looking. Could you please release some? Thanks! :)

    Well, I've sent BluHeart one of each flower, so she'll have all of them after it's over, even if she doesn't have a chance to send them. :)

    Of course, she's stuck with MY favorite backgrounds, of course. :P Although I do try to mix them up as I do various flowers.

    Oh my gosh! =O I haven't even been on to check anything. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that! So many of them are so very pretty and the Pearl even tho not the prettiest is my favorite as it is my birthstone and I :love: Pearls! Thank you so much for sending that one to me! :D

    *happy dances*

    Favorite - Shadow flower game, flipping cards, pipes, stones, match game.

    OK, but would rather play favorites - Star and/or falling presents.

    Never play - Picnic game, but sometimes I do, just not very often.

    I also don't play the new one that often. I don't like how random it is. Sometimes I have all but one or two flowers, and then I have to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, until the final flower(s) come up.

    Shadow (I also don't like the wait of the last few flowers)

    As for waiting for the shadow flower game to circle around, if you click in the center, it will instantly change the flower to something else. Just keep clicking until you get what you want. :)

    Really? Are you snowed in today like me?! I got off from work because of the snow! Yippee! :D

    Ohhh what a lucky duck! I miss the snow so much! We get very little here in Dallas and far and few between. They talk about it every year and threaten it's going to happen but I know better. They are just mean doing that! Originally I lived in Murphy and Asheville. Unfortunately I've been in Texas for 40 years now. :( I sure do miss home and the mountains.