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    They shouldn't be. In the past, no plants have been season dependent other than the event plants. Looking at my own, I've grown them in every month from May to September. That covers three seasons right there.

    I think some where I read that at least strawberries were (or were planned to be) available dependent on the season. So the seasons for daffodil is from spring till autumn, fine. However that does mean they are not available during winter, thus making their appearance in wild garden dependent on season... I'm not sure on this, but at least it would make sense that not all flowers are available all seasons long.

    And I went to the wild garden to see if I could see some daffodils, I found #1048329, #1048649 and few others I didn't take the number down. I could have been able to lock myself with only daffodils if I'd had empty pots. Not sure why I seem to be able to find them and you aren't.. :S

    I literally just caught a seed in the wild garden. They are out there.

    I think daffodils might be season dependent so they start to appear in the wild in spring and probably last for the summer (this is just me speculating as I haven't seen daffodil seeds before middle of March)

    This has happened to me too before. I just waited for a few hours and it did go back to normal. I don't really know why it does it sometimes, but don't worry. Give it some time and it should start working. Maybe try again tomorrow.

    There are 6 varieties of chives. The bread verion is just one of the 2 bred variants along side the white chives (And the bread one is the second variant on game compendium, and the white chive is the last). It behaves as most bred variants of other breeds, you can have multiple in one garden (and you truelinor have 2). Nothing like the baked potato that's still a mystery.

    I understand the capitalization rule for titles (first and last words are capitalized, all adjectives are caitilized ie.) However one could argue that you wouldn't have to capitalize iPhone as IPhone or eBay as EBay in these cases becuse of trademarks. So even though I don't have a trademark for sroo, I wouldn't capitalize it in this case.

    This has been bothering me for a while.. When others go to my garden (and greenhouse, atrium, etc.) They get the header that says Sroo's Garden (or Greenhouse, Atrium, etc). However as shown in the picture below, after the header in the text it speaks about sroo's garden. Do you see the difference?? :rolleyes:

    My username here is sroo (without capital letters) and it shows this correctly in most parts except for the headers all over the place. And even though I rarely see this header as I see it as My Garden (because I'm logged in), it bothers me as my username really shouldn't be capitalized. And sure I get that both words are capitalized (to a reason unknown to me) but why is that?

    So my suggestion is that could you please make the garden header say the username as it is written during log in without any additional capitalization. The word garden can be capitalized or not, that doesn't bother me as much..

    There were 2 different post pixies. One from completing the crying pixie quest (parcel for me contained a BMV and a heart shaped pot) and the other parcel is from gifting a flower to other flowergame player (this parcel contained the praline and BMV).

    Favourite (never re-roll)
    Find pairs (any size)
    Match 3 (any size, but bigger the better. I really like the one with all the flowers)
    Hidden Objects (even though I have no idea what Zwieback is, I know where it is :P And it's crucial to know the difference between a rabbit and a hare)

    OK (re-roll if in a hurry)
    Stepping stone
    Pipe (The game itself is fun however the wait for the water to run through...)
    Shadow (I also don't like the wait of the last few flowers)

    Never play (always re-roll)
    Snow/Santa game (it just takes too much time!)

    I have similar problem as Ehlana. I've found the first half of the letter and clicked it. I've also found the other half of the letter(with the heart) and the honey pot but can not click on either one of them. Nothing happens. I've tried to go to the crying pixie several times and clicked everything, but I can not click on the second half of the letter nor the honey pot. :/

    EDIT: Haha! I managed to click the images! I had to make my browser window smaller in order to be able to click the sprites, With smaller window the sprites were "in the right place". However this feature might need to be changed as not everyone has the patience to try it with different window sizes.. :rolleyes:

    Your link goes to a different start page. But I've already managed to go through the wiki, thanks to CoffeeActivated.

    However I did notice some inaccuracies in the wiki. Specially on the information bred variants and then for the heart of Valentines it reads "left ones" are bred only, however I do have one of those parent less, so I'm not sure.. I'll just stick to my own list and update it when I have more info on the breeding behaviors of different flowers.