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  • Thanks a bunch, will give it a try.

  • Alia - I would like to know how you put the links in for gardens that only show the name.

    • It's easy. You click on the "link" option in the top right corner (the one that looks like part of a chain), choose "Insert link" and get two windows. In "link" you put the link to the garden and in "Text", its name. Then you click insert and the link appears as name. Hope it helps.

  • Dein Geschenk leider zu Spät bemerkt könntest du es gegen Samstag nochmal versuchen?

  • Thank you for taking that so well. I never know how someone will respond to another suggestion. (I'm talking about my comment on the "Spelling mistakes / Rechtschreibfehler" thread.)

  • How can you tell if they are back or not???

  • If you have any left over of all those mushrooms you posted, would you send them to me? I didn't want to take them all on the thread! lol