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    I think the reason for the capitalization is that in titles either all all important words ar capitalized or only the first word. In both cases the capitalization of your user name is correct.

    I tried the Snow/Santa game again today. It's reacting very slowly (5 seconds from one side to the other) and that's why I'm always collecting the wrong things.. This way, I need at least five minutes till I finish.

    Favourite (never re-roll)
    Pipe (I love these games, but waiting for the water sometimes results in not finishing the game because I clicked somewhere else and it stops)
    Find pairs (small and medium)
    Stepping stone

    OK (re-roll if in a hurry)
    Find pairs (big)
    Match 3
    Hidden Objects

    Never play (always re-roll)
    Snow/Santa game (I don't managa to collect the correct things... Maybe I should try again...)

    Danke, das hat mein Problem gelöst!

    Thanks, this solved the issue with my quest!

    I have similar problem as Ehlana. I've found the first half of the letter and clicked it. I've also found the other half of the letter(with the heart) and the honey pot but can not click on either one of them. Nothing happens. I've tried to go to the crying pixie several times and clicked everything, but I can not click on the second half of the letter nor the honey pot. :/

    EDIT: Haha! I managed to click the images! I had to make my browser window smaller in order to be able to click the sprites, With smaller window the sprites were "in the right place". However this feature might need to be changed as not everyone has the patience to try it with different window sizes.. :rolleyes:

    Mia, thanks for your answer :-)

    Kann mir jemand mit der Story weiterhelfen?

    Could someone help me getting along with the story?

    Vielen Dank für die Hilfe!

    Thanks for your support!