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  • Felt a little weird to sign up for while creating the new content even though I am playing the game too. Can't explain it any better. But Secret Santa is a wonderful idea. I love it! <3

  • You wrote on my profile about the potato and that I had it but I don't! If you checked with Shelybear it was hers and was also returned to her which was done quite a long time ago!

  • Hi truelinor, Magnolias will always remember me to my where I married my husband, its called "Standesamt Lübeck". Just have a look, very romantic:…andesamt_HL_Aussen_04.jpg

    • That's a beautiful place! I am from North Carolina and where I live there they have a lot of Magnolias - I love them! Thanks for that photo!

  • If it is not too late, could you please remove me from the gifting? I've got some things going on and haven't been as diligent here as in the past. Thanks

  • Thank you very much for the compliment about my writing.

    • And I just learned that "Enter" doesn't start a new line in these comments, but sends them instead... *sigh* I'm not sure were you did get the idea that I'm a student. My forum rank, maybe ? That one I can't influence (depends on number of posts/points as far as I know). I went to university, but studied Agricultural science, and now I have been working for some years already. ;) My writing here just stems from the occasional bubble of inspiration that pops now and then, that's all. :)

    • You're welcome - I always find your posts entertaining! Do you enjoy your position in Agricultural? If not, I would imagine you could find a job in writing! OK, I get that you're not a student now - I mistakeningly thought you were because of your rank, yes. My bad! :D

  • Hi Tru! I thought it might be better if I answer you here so I'm not getting off-topic on the thread xD I heard of the volunteering opportunity from our Uni's website so I signed up for it. It will be held at Alnwick Garden, near the castle where parts of Harry Potter were filmed. :)

  • hello tru, what is the difference with pm's and this thing? do you know?

    • Yes, I do! PM's are private, while this "thing" (one's wall) is public. Well, that's one difference, anyway. Maybe someone else knows another. I think this is for quick "Howdy do's" while a PM could possibly be quite lengthy. (I guess that's another one.:D )

    • so just a quick "wazzuup?" thingy? lol

    • Well, that was sort of secondary - the whole Public/Private issue is the main thingy, I think. ;)

    • I have no one to give a flower to, but I read your thread about wanting flowers to give to new people. If you're still doing this, will you take this flower?

    • Thank you, Thrrpt! I got the beautiful Heart of Valentine and will give it to the next newbie I send a message to that doesn't have one, how's that? :D

    • That sounds good! Thank you. :)

    • You answered me a year later?! Aren't message boards a wonderful thing? :D

  • Thank you! :)

  • Yes I did. When I noticed. :D

  • Hello! Belated. :) I've only just seen the Notifications. Toolbars normally hide it. Wasn't sure whether to reply there or here but you're more likely to see it here.

  • Huggles dear - got a red bunny gifted to me - and then had one grow up red - figures huh? So I'm good. Now if you end up with an extra pink or green mushroom...

  • Thank you for the nice comment.The both Kanji on my avatar are my username.The one obove is ''Gin'',the one below is ''Ryu''.It's japanese and means Silverdragon. ^^

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  • Ohhhh, so this is what a wall is, lol

  • WOO HOO - We have walls now?!