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  • When will you be back from your travel? have a friend that said she could get eggs for you. She doesn't play much now so it's no big deal to her if she doesn't get this years eggs.

    • Oh! I'm sorry - I just got back today, so was able to grab two of them now. Thankfully I got home in time! Please thank your friend for the offer, though; that was very generous!

    • Wonderful! Now the question is this... would you just by any chance want 2 CB Holly eggs?

    • Two HOLLY eggs? Those were the only ones I wasn't able to catch from the new biome before I left! YES! I would love love LOVE two holly eggs! (Although I think I may have to abandon a couple that I have now, as I grabbed enough abandoneds last night to completely scroll lock me)

    • Not a problem! They will be male as you couldn't gender them. We didn't know what you would want so they haven't been getting views until now. They are sitting at 3+ days right now. After they hatch they can be sent to you. Is that OK?

    • That's fine, it will give some of my hatchlings time to grow up. (I'm scroll locked with AP hatchlings.) If they don't by the time you want to send them, I'll give two of the hatchlings to a friend. The gender isn't so important; it will be awesome to have CB hollies!

  • LOL That's supposed to be "Today"

  • Howdy, Mia! How are you this roday? :D

  • Hi Mia! So good to see you online!!! :D :D :D

  • Hi Mia! Just shortly appear to drop a greeting. <3

  • Hi Mia! :D

  • Hi and thank you for the welcome! Where do we find out what's going on? I recall getting a notice that one of the owner (?) had passed, but that's about all! Wouldn't want to miss something :)

  • Hey, Mia, is that true thatyou had to give away a plant ON Valentine's Day in order to get the Postal Pixie?

  • Hey! What did you decide to do about your seeds vs the Christmas trees?

    • Oh, I'll just hold on to them for now. I want a few more Christmas palms so I'll be breeding my trees, but mostly I'll go for Christmas Stars and Wreaths. :)

    • Yes, I still need the Star from last year. I never got that one. Hopefully I'll get both it and the new one from this year.

  • \o/ Mia! I got a black rose! >w<

  • Hello and thank you :)

  • Hey Mia, are the yellow Marvel Ferns a rare one to get? I think thats the only one I am missing :D

  • i am waiting on christmas :) yeah baby!!

  • wow i clicked on your greenhouse... all those Christmas things wow!

  • Just a greeting<3

  • Hi, could you reply to my topic, http://board.flowergame.net/in…ow-do-I-breed-my-flowers/ if you know why I can't breed flowers? Thanks

  • Just wanted to thank you for your comment about the gift links being sent through the PM. :)

  • Was it? Oh. There was nothing here :( I have 4 soulpeace dragons now. I got a couple from Alia and bre :Dd a couple. Thank you though. :D

  • edited because I rememberd this is public :)

  • If the reply didn't work I can forward it to you if you want to see it Your email on it is xxxxxx@gmail.com Is that right?

  • I got an email notification of a PM you sent me asking if I wanted you to breed Soulpeace dragons as I don't have whites. I'm sure it was old.

    • It was new, actually. I was re-reading the dragon discussion board, and noticed that way back in the beginning you made that comment. That's why I made the offer. But I'll check my gmail. I hadn't realized that's what you meant! Edit: Darn it. I have 36 email accounts and I can't find a message on any of them. What did the one you start with? (All I need are the first two letters.)

    • Sorry, I was snopping around and I have to say - 36 email accounts?! And I thought *I* had a lot! LOL

  • Something odd happened today. I have emailed you. :)

    • I haven't received any message from you. This forum is doing strange things with PMs and sometimes they never get to the recipient.

  • You won! You guessed which entry was mine in the Beach theme contest! Please select two flowers/plants of your choice from my garden. Please select two different flowers/plants from any that I have 3 or more, OK? Thanks!