[Successful] Game Update and Server Move / [Erfolgreich] Spiel Update und Server umzug

  • I've removed my cookies, and I'm still getting logged out every 10-15 minutes or so.

    I hadn't noticed the inability to bend a branch, since I rarely let my clouds build up, but I was seeing the option for water in the top selection, so long as there was at least a drop and a half missing.

    What I *am* noticing, though, is that while I will get the "water" option when there are a drop and a half missing, once it goes down to one drop, the option disappears, without the snail option popping up, at least after the first two plants I'm watering. The snail option will only show up for the first two plants I'm watering with the bucket; after that, the snail option will not appear for any of my remaining plants.

    This is not the way it has worked in the past. I'm not certain if this was a deliberate change, or just an error. The problem for me is that I like it when all four of my seeds germinate at the same time, and they're no longer going to do this if we can only do the snail on two of our plants.

  • fkrauthan: I'm sure you'll get it all sorted out. :) I used to work IT, and I know how difficult that can be. I've also been a programmer (actually, still am - once a programmer, always a programmer), so I know how difficult figuring out bugs can be.

    While the logging off thing is annoying, so far it hasn't logged me off in the middle of a game I'm using to water my plants. I'll admit, that would be far more annoying than just having to log on every time I'm checking on them.

    truelinor Good luck with resetting your password! And welcome back! I've missed you. :)

  • Ok I found the issue why remember me is not working (it was not enabled...) gonna deploy a patch soon to enable it (you will still need to explicit login when trashing a plant/gifting one away or changing your profile as extra layer of security).

    Re the snail feature: I tested it and I can perform the action for each of my plants once per day (as expected) or what is it that you guys think is different/not working compared to the old version? I also checked and it worked for me correctly to pick them up after one day.

  • Well, what was happening with me was that I would see the "water" option on a seed (meaning I hadn't used the snail feature, and it needed more watering), so what I always do is first water it to max, then click the snail. What I'm finding now is that once I've gotten it to one drop, instead of it switching to pick up a snail, the option just disappears once I've already done the snail with two or three seeds.

    If, however, I water them to one drop or less using games only, then I *will* have the snail option on each seed. It makes it so I can't water them using the watering can except for the last drop, which sort of makes that aspect pointless, but I can get the snail option if I do that.

    A friend of mine told me that she's able to get the snail option on all of her seeds if she gets them all to one drop before she clicks the seeds, because then the only option she ever has is the snail. She only logs in once every few days, so her seeds are almost always badly in need of watering.

    I won't be able to check it again until tomorrow, obviously, but I'll let you know once I've tended my plants then.

  • I have eight plants in the garden. I was able to remove the snails only from two of them, then the option disappeared. It used to be that I could remove snails from all plants in my garden every 24h.

  • 3 hours later, I was able to remove another 4 snails, and then it went away.

    Edit: One hour later, I was able to remove snails from the last two growing flowers in my greenhouse.

  • Hm... that's sort of what I was noticing; if I came back a few hours later, I could pick off more snails. I couldn't do them all at once.

    Unfortunately, at this point they're already staggered for me. I may wait until tomorrow to pick off snails, to see if the problem has resolved itself.

  • Hmm you guys might into the max action per user/ip issue. I can check. It might have been a system that should have been already implemented in the old game but possible was broken there. I am gonna investigate a bit more into this.

  • I thought the max action was supposed to only apply to what we can do for OTHER gardens. That's what Exterminans told us at one point. It's to limit what we can do to help out other gardens, but not supposed to limit on our own.

    Well, other than the fact that the snail is only doable once per 24 hours on each plant. And if we use the water option at more than one full drop on a given plant, the snail option won't appear. He specifically told us that we could do the snail four times during the four days of seed germination; if we never use the snail at all, each seed will take four days and sixteen hours.

    That was an increase from the original four days per seed, which meant that we are now *supposed* to do the snail to get it back down to the original four days for germination.

    Unless, of course, the time has now gone back to the original four days of germination, with no extra time. If that's the case, then yeah, I can see a limit being put on the snail option, or it being even removed completely.

    I know Exterminans isn't there anymore, but he's the one who put the mechanism in place, and he's the one who had made those other changes. We didn't complain; it was just another mechanic to the game. But he had told us his intent was to make seeds in gardens that are more active germinate faster than seeds in gardens whose players aren't as active.

  • Irgendwie ist Chaos in meinem Gewächshaus.

    Die Sortierung nach Spezies funktioniert zwar, aber ich hatte bislang ein anderes Layout (die Pflanzen in einer Liste untereinander angeordnet), das mir lieber war. Wie krieg' ich das wieder hin?

    Tja, und dass es dieses Jahr weniger Schnecken gibt, beobachte ich auch ;)

  • Meritenramses diese Variante gibt es leider nicht mehr, da es nur eine sehr geringe User zahl gab die es benutzt hatte und im code mussten wir einiges duplizieren um es beizubehalten.

    MiaSkywalker I looked into the old logic and we always had a hard limit of 36 actions per user per day. Is it possible that you are hitting that limit? In any case from a code point of view the new system behaves 100% as the old system suppose to have behaved.

  • I know I'm not hitting the limit. I haven't tried to pick up snails for a while since there was no option to do that. It disappeared completely. Just moment ago I had it again and I was able to pick up only one snail and after that my other plants didn't have the option. They were at 4 and half drops of water when I picked that one up. I haven't also interacted with other users plants at all.