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  • Miss you over at MondoZoo! I suppose there's no hope of you returning...?

  • Thank you very much for that wonderful surprise! Like something in return? :3

  • i like your picture ^^

  • So, you wanna red bunny? :D

  • Hmm don't know what happened to the avatar shall hafta fix that - still growing val plants lol - no new one yet - and not on mondozoo any more sorry but it was just getting too crazy and not getting anywhere...

    • Well, I see you have a new avie now! I like the little parrot. :D That's OK about mondo - I completely understand. I'm not getting anywhere either. I've been thinking about restarting the game, but, seriously, do I want to do that? I didn't know you posted this - just came to your profile and saw it. Next time maybe hit the "reply" link? :)

  • Oh, and where's your avatar?

    • Lol never saw it - that's Mr. Pea - he was named sweetpea when we got him but he is very obviously a boy so we changed it - he's a sweetie (usually)

    • oh yeah and got exactly 1 of the new one - the post pixie one lol

  • Hey you! Whatcha' been up to lately? Did you get the Valentine's Day plants? Miss you at Mondo Zoo! The group is pretty small now - about 6 people - but we got a new member just yesterday. :)