[Successful] Game Update and Server Move / [Erfolgreich] Spiel Update und Server umzug

  • As I've already announced a while back we are finally moving Flowergame to a better code base and at the same time we are going to move the full game to a brand new server. This will happen over the upcoming weekend (Feb 15 - Feb 17) so please don't be alarmed if the game is offline for a couple of hours in that timespan. I will be posting here as soon as the update is finished.


    Wie ich bereits vor einiger Zeit angekündigt habe, ziehen wir Flowergame endlich auf eine bessere Codebasis um und gleichzeitig werden wir das gesamte Spiel auf einen brandneuen Server verschieben. Dies wird am kommenden Wochenende (15. Februar - 17. Februar) geschehen. Sei also bitte nicht beunruhigt, wenn das Spiel in dieser Zeitspanne für einige Stunden offline ist. Ich werde hier posten, sobald das Update abgeschlossen ist.

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  • I got logged off from the game, and then when I tried to log on, I got a 501 error. Now I'm getting a 404 when I try to go to just flowergame.net so that I can even attempt to log in again.

    I'm guessing this is DNS as well. Could we get an extension on Valentine's seeds at least? It looks like we're going to have problems for perhaps the next few days.


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  • I keep getting logged out of my greenhouse and have to log in again. It seems to happen every couple of hours, so far. Also, all my settings got messed up this last time; my flowers were sorted by oldest, and I always sort them by species. I changed it back, but I'll have to see if it goes haywire again.

    Just thought I'd mention it, we seem to have a few glitches going on at the moment. :)


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  • I just took four seeds from the wild garden. I was able to remove snails from two of them but did not have that option for the other two. Yesterday evening, following the update, I was able to remove snails from all four seeds in my greenhouse. Is it a bug or a new feature?

    Edit: And even though I've disabled AdBlock on Firefox for Flowergame. adds appear only when I'm playing games (when it would make absolutely no sense for me to click on them, even if I were interested).

  • The plant sorting does appear to be fixed (yay! :D ), but I'm still getting logged out every few hours, even though I select the "keep me logged in" option. My browser does not automatically reject cookies; I use too many sites that require them for me to want to do that. I'm guessing that the new setup has cookies that expire too quickly.

    Edit: Another odd thing I've noticed is that the ability to remove a snail from my plants sometimes disappears while I'm watering them. If I just happened to not have watered them in a while, so have to do more than a usual amount, I lose all ability to remove the snails and gain that extra time.

    Originally that ability was added because Exterminans actually ADDED time to the plants for germination; only by picking off a snail every day could we get it back down to 4 days as it had originally been. But if this mechanic is being impaired, then it's now going to take longer for seeds to germinate.

    I usually only get to remove snails from two plants now. While I'm in the midst of watering my third or so plant, the option will suddenly disappear, even if it was there just one watering click before. This is not how it had been, so I'm wondering what in the coding has changed.


    My Garden - My Dragon Cave Scroll

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  • @All yes unfortunately migrating the user settings was to hard so they got reseted to the defaults. Sorry about that.

    MiaSkywalker can you try deleting all your cookies for the website and then login in again and see if your session stays active?
    Alia I will investigate why adds are not showing. We had a short suspension from Google because they claimed we did illegal ad clicks. And we did now change the settings so flowergame ONLY runs as `https` to encrypt the traffic properly (thats why you will never see the unsecure form warning anymore)

    Ninglor Kannst du bitte versuchen dir ein neues Passwort zuschicken zu lassen? Das Spiel sollte dein altes Passwort akzeptieren allerdings kann es sein das aus irgendeinem Grund dein User Passwort nicht korrekt uebertragen wurde. In jedem fall sollte die Passwort Vergessen Funktion funktionieren.