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    I wonder that if instead of directly embedding them DC is actually downloading the image and then show you the downloaded version. As part of that they might use a library that can not handle transparency correctly.

    I am very happy to announce that we just started our road to halloween with many new exciting flower variants for you to get. Huge thank you to Jesseth for creating them!


    Ich freue mich euch den start des Weges zu Halloween ankündigen zu können. Viele neue Blumen Varianten warten auf euch entdeckt zu werden. Vielen dank an Jesseth diese zu erstellen!

    Snowwall It is usual up to the artist to design either a new flower or create a new variant for an existing flower. Our main requirement is that it needs to match the style of the website (e.g. all our pixel art is using no outlines which is a big difference to a lot of other pixel artists).

    Sorry for the long pause of any news. I know you guys are probably already sick hearing from me about how we work in the background on new infrastructure etc. And I am gonna be honest we are but it is going a lot slower then I like. For example I just noticed that all images where not longer loading correctly and fixed an issue with the SSL certificate renewal. We are also still looking for any help we can get from artist to help grow the Flower collection. So if you know someone please send them my way.


    Es tut mir leid, dass es schon laenger keine neuigkeiten mehr gab. Ich weiss ihr seit es warscheinlich schon leid von mir ueber die arbeit an der neuen Infrastrukture zu hoeren. Und um ehrlich zu sein laeuft das deutlich weniger schnell als mir lieb ist. Zum Beispiel habe ich keurzlich festgestellt das die Bilder nicht mehr korrekt geladen wurden und habe einen Fehler in der SSL Zertifikates erneuerung behoben. Ausserdem suchen wir nach wie vor Kuenstler die uns helfen koennen die Blumen Sammlung zu erweitern. Solltet Ihr also jemanden kennen send den/die bitte in meine richtung.

    So when you abandon a seed and confirm it you just return to the garden but the seed is still in your garden? I hope this will be fixed with the new version too. Just a little bit longer (peski real life always gets into the way of finishing the upgrade).

    agajol In general I recommend reporting issues in a separate thread so it does not get missed by accident. We haven't moved the game yet (still in perpetration phase). I would try disabling adblockers (or other extensions that might block things) and clear all your cookies. That should fix the issue.

    The event might not work this year as we are still in the process of getting the big move organized. I really hope that starting mid this year everything will move back to normal.

    Yeah there is a strange bug going on. I am currently in the progress of moving everything flowergame related to the new server. As part of that I plan to move everyone over to the new codebase that should fix this issue and allow me to add new features faster and better.

    Ok if you can see this message you are successful accessing the board on our new server. Please report any issues you might have here.


    Ok solltest du diese Nachricht hier sehen, bist du auf dem neuen Server. Bitte sag bescheid, sollte irgendwas nicht richtig funktionieren.

    I will be moving this board to a new server next weekend (February 2nd - February 3rd). There might be some outages as I update everything.


    Ich werde das Forum naechstes Wochenende (2. Februar - 3. Februar) auf einen neuen Server umziehen. Es kann daher zu einigen ausfaellen kommen, waerend ich alles fertigstelle.