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    Happy new year to everyone here! Another year in the books. For Flowergame unfortunately a rather quiet year. However, for 2023 I have a couple of exciting plans:

    1. Overhaul the Framework/Engine (make it faster/stable/better)
    2. Try finding a new 2d artist (please check here and see if you can help)
    3. Add the old special event games back
    4. A possible secret project (not gonna share much yet but stay tuned)

    So please stick around and here is to 2023 and the raise of Flowergame again :thumbup:


    Frohes neues Jahr an alle hier! Ein weiteres Jahr in den Büchern. Für Flowergame leider ein eher ruhiges Jahr. Für 2023 habe ich jedoch ein paar spannende Pläne:

    1. Framework/Engine überholen (schneller/stabiler/besser machen)
    2. Versuche eine(n) neue(n) 2D-Künstler(in) zu finden (bitte schaut hier wie ihr helfen könnt)
    3. Die alten Special-Event-Minispiele wieder hinzuzufügen
    4. Ein mögliches Geheimprojekt (wird noch nicht viel verraten, aber seit gespannt)

    Also bleib bitte dabei und hier ist bis 2023 und wieder die Erhöhung von Flowergame :thumbup:

    Still looking for new artists. If anyone of you knows anyone and/or are part of some artist boards feel free to copy the following text:


    Flowergame ( is looking for a new artist. But what is Flowergame? It is a free-to-play flower collection game where users start collecting seeds and by watering them and ensuring there is enough sun slowly grow them through the germ stage to a full-grown plant. Most flowers have different full-grown variants. Some of them can only be achieved by picking up seeds and some only by breeding plants. But it does not just end by having your flower grow up and collect all variants. Over time users unlock different themed gardens where they can plant their flowers and share the link to them with their friends and the wider community.

    Unfortunately, we are currently without an active artist to contribute new plants and variants I am looking for someone that can help follow the existing unique art style (examples can be found on the game or by looking through the community-driven wiki and provide new plants and potentially new minigame assets. As an artist, you have full freedom in picking which plant you want to add next to the game. And for some special seasons, you can even add some fictional plants (in the past we created burning Christmas trees, scary pumpkins, or Audrey II).

    If this cute noncompetitive browser game with a small and very friendly community has piqued your interest and you think you can create pixel art in that style please reach out to Florian Krauthan (

    Sorry my bad. I installed a new update to the core software to keep it secure and maybe even improve performance slightly. But looks like there was a small bug in the evolving system. It should be fixed now.