Christmas flowers reminders for everyone

  • I want to remind everyone of several things regarding the Christmas event, which is coming up sometime this month

    1) The only way to get a Christmas Star is to breed a Christmas tree with a poinsettia. So stock up on those poinsettias ahead of time! There are 4 variants of the Christmas Star, and they may add another one this year, you never know.

    2) There are two variants of Christmas trees that are breed-only. Many of us will release multiple bred seeds in the wild for newcomers, so if you come across a bred seed in the garden and you're new here, don't turn up your nose at it! It's the only way you can get either the burning tree or the Christmas palm tree.

    3) There are a total of 7 variants of Christmas trees available, and three of them look very similar. It's not a good idea to assume you have multiples of the same variant until you've magnified the screen and looked at them closely. Also check your compendium. They may very well be different variants!

    4) There are currently four variants of the Christmas Wreath, and at least one (the angel) is a breed-only variant. Once again, if you want a full collection of the Wreaths, don't turn your nose up at bred seeds that are dropped into the garden.

    5) The New Year event overlaps with the Christmas event, and you can breed Lucky Clovers with White Clovers. I am not sure if any of the Lucky Clovers are breed-only variants, but there might be. None of mine are bred, however, so I don't think there are CURRENTLY any that are breed-only.

  • Thank you so much, this is very helpful!
    It's my first christmas here and I'm sure I'll check back and read this post again next year to remind myself. :D

    On forum hiatus due to new job (but I'm still playing), may still be found on Dragon Cave forum.

  • Okay so I'm trying to make the information more...graphical...?

    Christmas trees:

    Breed-only variants:

    Christmas Wreaths:

    Breed-only variant:

    Christmas Stars:
    (Gain by breeding Christmas tree with a poinsettia)

    Lucky clovers:

    Well it seems that we have so many stuffs for Christmas...
    EDIT: And now I'm wondering how long will Christmas event last in order to get (hopefully) all the stuffs.

  • Don't forget that not only do you need Poinsettias to breed with Christmas Trees to get Christmas Stars, you will also need some spare Poinsettias to breed your Christmas Stars with if you wish to save some of your Trees to breed with each other.

  • As for this years schedule:

    Christmas trees:
    Drops and breeding, full month from December 6th until January 6th.

    Christmas star:
    Breeding starts around 13th of December, for two weeks.

    Christmas Wreaths:
    Drops and breeding, starts around 20th of December until January 6th.

    Lucky clovers:
    Drops and breeding, two weeks from December 24th until January 6th.

    Christmas market:
    Opens around December 22th until January 6th, only one set of rewards per player granted.

    Next regular plant will be released in January 2015.

    There's a good chance that there will be also some updates to several of the minigames.

  • I'd wait Mia, unless you're particularly looking for one of the trees and it's another week before you can breed Stars.
    There's no question mark in the Christmas trees and there wasn't a new one last year I don't think.

  • There is probably no new Chrsitmas tree, but will there be new variants for any of the other event flowers?

  • New Christmas Star, possibly a new Wreath. Either new Lucky Clover or an entirely new plant. No new trees this year.

  • New Christmas Star, possibly a new Wreath. Either new Lucky Clover or an entirely new plant. No new trees this year.

    Wow, what a surprise to find this started already! And just when my seeds had just sprouted so no hard decisions to make! :D (Sorry Mia!)

    @Exterminans - Does that mean we're getting a new minigame?

  • Oh, really? I hadn't noticed. I usually play only certain ones. It used to be I played that one and the one where you have to get three flowers in a row, but now, for some reason I like the matching game and the path game (not sure of the names of the games.) I'll have to try it out though - just to see how it is now. :)

  • one of these days i will remember to keep my pots empty before a holiday starts LOL. excited to get a chance to try my hand at getting the plants though, and YAY potential new plant in my birth month \o/ EDIT: and of course as i say that all but one of my pots empty o3o