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    Well, crud. My one from the Wild Garden that grew is one of the original variants. Again. The same one, actually.

    I bred my two pairs (the seeds on the right end) but I'm leaving open pots for Christmas seeds to start dropping. Haven't seen any yet, but they usually start in early December. Don't want anyone to forget in the bluebell frenzy. :)

    That's why I posted that mine were all Wild ones (as I had none that could be bred when I picked them up). All varieties of every plant can be the bred offspring of two others of that species, there are just some that can ONLY be bred for and not found at all in the Wild Garden. Until there are enough wild ones grown that we know there have been none of that variety found in the wild whether it is breed only or not is still unknown. Once you find one in the wild, though, we know which type it is :)

    Still need 5 Audreys and 3 Stumps and the two more realistic-looking Jack-O-Lanterns (I had all of them at one time, the two I'm missing are the newest ones). I guess if I get 2 new varieties each year like I did this year it will take 1-2 years to get the Stumps and Jacks and 3 or 4 more to get the Audreys. If they don't add any more. :) Not a complaint, just an observation.

    I got 4 Stumps and 4 Audreys. Two of each have grown up and I got one new one of each. The other four (two of each) sprouted yesterday morning, so we shall see. I was very far behind in Hallowe'en plants for some reason (were several added in just a year or two?), but I have almost all the Christmas/New Year ones, so that event will be far less frenetic for me (as well as usually being longer, if memory serves).

    I got 8 seeds, but I think it was just because I jumped on them right as soon as they started dropping. Someone starting even 8 hours later wouldn't get the second batch. My first four just matured and I got one of my missing Audreys and one of my missing Stumps. The other two I already had. My second round just sprouted, so we will see.

    I imagine that the initial lineart is more costly than re-colored versions are, so perhaps we got two linearts now and will have more colors for each later (buying variants on the installment plan, essentially). There might also be frugailty in the face of Halloween for a new variant of one of those plants. I think the breeding might just not have gotten turned on. I believe there were other plants with the same problem in the past. Maybe it just slipped the mind with Halloween coming up. I'm going to have empty pots as soon as all my seedings grow. Have 4 empty seed slots right now. To get prepped for the Hallowe'en plants to start dropping. Going out of town for a week, anyway.

    When I was here before I remember Halloween being near the actual date and lasting only a week or so. You can breed jack o lanterns, but you'll want to save room to get Audreys and Tree Stumps, too. I recommend getting what you can from the Wild Garden first thing, then breeding whatever you want as soon as the pots are empty and can accept seeds, as I believe (if I remember correctly) that bred seeds will continue to grow even after the Wild Garden drops are finished.

    Edited to add: From last year's thread it seems they dropped from Oct 24-Nov 1. So it is short.

    For those who don't speak American English as a first language, a "hot potato" is something you have to get rid of as soon as possible (like a literal hot potato that's burning your bare hands). It could also be something that could get you into trouble. As a kid, we played a game called "hot potato", where kids stood in a circle and threw a beanbag as quickly as possible to anyone in the circle randomly. So you had the beanbag in your cupped hands and shoveled it to someone else, who had to shovel it off to someone else as soon as they caught it, etc. If you didn't catch it, you were out. Last one left wins.
    So perhaps this slang is also common in other countries. And just perhaps you have to treat this as a "hot potato" and gift it, then having the next owner gift it, until it is passed around to a few others before coming back to someone who has owned it before, whereupon it becomes "baked". Worth a try, I guess.