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    I'm the froglady because I was a Kermit the Frog fan back in the day, and was always coming home from the woods covered in mud with some sort of critter. Frogs, a jar of tadpoles, a green snake, a box turtle, a cool spider, etc. My mom was a biology teacher's daughter, so she was bombproof. "Yes, that's a beautiful (whatever), now put it back outside with its family where it belongs, wash up and come to dinner." Everyone bought me little frog figurines and stuffies for holidays and when they went on vacation. I had quite the collection.

    When I got older, I majored in biochemistry and genetics and one of my work-study jobs was pithing frogs for the freshman lab courses. Not going into what that entails, but I got called froglady by the profs and TAs, so when I got on the internet 15 years later I thought it was a cool handle.

    You'll find me elsewhere under nucmedtech (my profession of 30+ years), eljay/LJ (my family nickname), notaclue (mostly mobile games) and Amardella (my half-elven thief character from AD&D days back in the 80's). When you've been online 30 years you get a bunch of names as your life evolves.

    I think it's more of a waste to miss out on a whole round of breeding a short-duration holiday plant and having to wait an entire year to try again than it is to sit a week or two with empty pots that would be full of plants you can find and raise all year. A couple weeks wasted vs a whole year seems like a bargain to me. :)

    Oh, and I finally got the chive baked potato (as opposed to the potato baked potato) earlier this week. I've been breeding for that for eons. I squealed like a little girl when I came on and saw it. On my birthday. You'd have thought I was 3 instead of 63. XD

    I love to plant nasturtiums wherever I live. They are beautiful, attract hummingbirds and hawk moths, grow like crazy almost anywhere without much care, reseed themselves....and the leaves and flowers are great in sandwiches or salads or stuffed with a blue-cheese-coated almond. (Just don't use pesticides if you're going to eat them.)

    I just got my last one, and the same combo parents as fuzzbucket. I think it's actually a random number generator thing, where the programmer writes a script to generate a random number (I could teach you to write one in about 2 minutes), then assigns a number range to an outcome, so it's totally random which one you get from a seed. The varieties you get from breeding would probably use a range that comes from the lowest number of the parents to the numbers of the parents summed, so you can't roll that high a number for wild garden plants. And usually the "roll" happens at time of "hatching", not when you breed.

    So let's take, for example, you have one wild plant (variant A) that resulted from a roll of 3 (range 1-5) and one (variant B) that resulted from a roll of 9 (range 5-10) and the range for all wild plant variants is 1-10. You breed them together and now you have a range of 3 (the lowest number of the parents numbers) to 12 (the sum of the parents' numbers). If the breed-only variant has a range of 11-15 and your seed rolls 11 or 12 it's going to be variant C (the breed-only one). If it rolls a 4, you get variant A. If it rolls 7 you get variant B. It's just like rolling dice, but electronic. If there's more than one breed-only variant the range might be extended by multiplying the sum of the parents by the number of breed-only varieties.

    Does that make sense to anyone but me? If it's completely unclear I apologize. I'll try to explain it better if it is.

    You know, I have problems with vertigo. I never thought that the basket game might make me motion-sick and that's why I avoid it even loading, but that makes sense. It's such a benign little game, but it makes me so tense after just a few catches that I just can't stand to play any more. I'll bet that's what it is. I'm getting dizzy from it, but not enough to put my finger on how it makes me feel, just enough to make me not want to play it. I'll bet that's what bothers me about the timed game with the spinning circle, too.

    I've been breeding bluebells since they came out with a break for Christmas and had only the original 2 variants until then, though I had bred several rounds of pots full. I finally got the other varieties right before the Valentines plants started to drop, but it can take some dedication to get the breed-only varieties of plants. I'm still missing a chive, a bellflower and a poppy that just won't manage to drop even though I've been breeding for them for months. I kind of like the challenge.

    Everyone has different taste in games and different strong and weak skills, so I thought it would be interesting to find out which games (or general type of games) you find enjoyable and which ones you immediately spam the Playground link to get rid of (I was guilty of that 3 times today, so that's what made me think about this topic).

    My favorite has to be the pipe puzzle. I've always loved those. And I also enjoy the wall maze, the memory game and the bejeweled-type match-3.

    I will play the hidden object one, but it's become a bit boring cause I know where all the objects are. :)

    I'll also play the timed click one if I'm not in one of my anxious moods. Otherwise I get very antsy and just don't have the patience for it.

    The one I absolutely can't manage is the basket catch. I get so wound up I just can't even think about playing it, so I go clickety-click on the Playground button if I even see the loading bar. I know, it's probably someone else's favorite, so that's why I got curious and started this thread.

    So how about it? Have a favorite? One you particularly hate? I'm all ears.

    Try these games to get you up to speed on CSS: CSS Diner and Flexbox Froggy. They'll help you understand how things work "under the hood" (technically called "CSS Hierarchy"). W3 Schools has some good lessons, but there's nothing like doing it yourself while playing a puzzle game to make it all stick.

    HTML tables are usually OK for stuff like custom profile layouts on game sites, but if you want to write web pages you'll need CSS. Plus different browsers render tables differently, so what you see in Firefox isn't necessarily the same as what another sees if they're using Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, Safari, etc., whereas valid CSS will be pretty much identical in all of them.

    Ah, so THAT's what the table error is on about. I thought perhaps it was a typo in the table coding (tables are easy to mess up, I'm old enough to remember when all websites were laid out in HTML tables before CSS came along and have had first hand experience pulling out my hair over SQL table data). Plus callbacks give me hives, LOL. Perhaps the table is over the size limit provided by the wiki software for its free tier.