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    Es tut mir so leid, dass zu hören.
    Mein aufrichtiges Beileid an die Familie und Freunde! Sehr trauriger Anfang für das neue Jahr.

    I can't see a move either, blobber... :huh:

    On another note: is there a new question mark in the compendium for Easter Bunnies? I can't tell, because i haven't got all variants last year.

    Clara, that's so sad!
    i see some people in the forum who don't care for lineges at all and only collect dragons because of the sprites.
    I, myself have some super messy dragons, which i rescued from the AP, they are all named nicely, like "Big Clan"
    Ok, i don't breed them, because i know their babys are unwanted, but in case of Hollys i see it just the way you do: there are still so many people out there without any Holly and they'd love to get one! Don't take it to much to your heart! Some people want to try to teach others how they should play and that's not ok!
    Keep on doing what you want! :)

    I was so excited when i saw that 2nd gen Heartseaker egg from Rosebud, blobber, that i nearly took it!

    But then i noticed i already have that combiation and need a 2nd gen Rosebud from Heartseaker instead... X/
    That and a 2nd gen Sweetling from Solistice...

    Yes, i know it's immpossible, because some are on burned scrolls or scrolls from unknown/inactive users...
    But perhaps all ACTIVE breeding ones? 8)
    The may of course be high gen ones...but still...a dream is a dream...

    Oh, happy day!
    Today i woke up to find one of my christmas wreaths grew into an Angel wreath! :love:
    Now i've all special christmas flowers, thanks to KimiLavender, who gifted me a Palm tree! Thank you again! <3

    I've still 6 more wreath, which are still growing.If one of them should be an Angel too, i'll gift it here or in the gifting thread.

    Thanks for trying, LadyNova!
    No worries, i've already sent several eggs as it shouldn't be that problem that i can't sent an Alt. All mine have hatched normal too, tricky little creatures! ;) Obviously wanted to stay by my side!

    Bajka, those are gorgeous lineages!
    I took the first, because i adore the Radiant Angel sprite. may i keep it or was it for gifting purpose?
    If so i'll send it to my giftee, but...actually i really feel in love with it----

    And of course, thanks for trying to breed for my Santa giftee!

    A question to all DC people:

    I think you know about the Secret Santa game in DC.
    Well my giftee wants only bred eggs and i'm out of luck breeding the right things.
    So, my question:
    If any of you have some free space and the right dragons, can you try breeding for me?
    Not for free of course! i think we can always work something out!
    I'm in need of:
    1. 3G Prize many thanks to Bajka!!!
    2. Black or Vine alt, preferably with even lineage have bred several and hope they cooperate...
    3. 2G avatar or avatarfail (female Blusang) still need the FAIL
    4. Any type/gen/gender sunsongxgold checkers have tried all my golds only to get 2 Sunsongs, which i sent to my giftee
    5. Blusang checkers (any dragon) can only do PB, so someone out there who can do checkers?

    I could do some of those by myself if i had several weeks to try, but i don't want them to wait until next christmas.... :/
    So if you could help i'd be very happy...

    I know! <3
    I'd love to have an Holly with that line...

    But someone has to pick up my eggy, because i need the space to do some breeding....
    I'll let it sit one more hour, then i'll offer it at Departure thread at DC....