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    Haha! We have a feline Hoover at our house; that's what we call our cat vacuum cleaner. She'll eat almost anything that drops on the ground... or that we even accidentally leave on the counter! She knows she is NOT supposed to go up there, but that never stops her, unfortunately. :)

    Since adopting her (she's the white cat in my avatar) we've had to learn that we can't even leave a loaf of bread out, even if it's still in the store bag. She will chew through it and we'll find bite marks and nibbles taken out of the loaf! Although I find it amusing, I don't think my mother enjoys throwing away the slices of bread that have cat tooth marks in them. :) But she's the one who keeps leaving the bread out, even though I keep reminding her!

    Clawdia doesn't touch fruit or vegetables of any type, however, which goes to show that even though dogs are omnivorous, cats aren't.

    So it's not just my cat who eats bread XD There's not much he won't eat though, to be honest... I've seen him eat potatoes and even vegetables, although he won't touch fruit :3 It's funny how some cats eat just about anything but other cats are really picky about food.

    How's everyone finding the gemstone madness? Has anyone managed to get one of each variant yet? I'm still missing three but I have an egg growing, so hopefully it'll turn out to be a variant I don't already have c:

    I only just noticed when I tried to give myself a wow but the link wouldn't work :/ Maybe they couldn't afford to keep the site running? Or maybe it's down for maintenance?

    I doubt I'll ever make it to #1 ;o and I only just realised I was at 15th, I doubt I'll get any higher but I can hope, right? :D

    After posting my wowmeter on countless sites, I finally got onto the leaderboard!
    I'm so happy xD I don't even know how I managed to get there, lol.
    I even managed to get 19th place ;o

    Wow, how do you get so many plants in abandoned gardens all grown? I saw an abandoned garden on here and started posting the flowers on other sites to get views but I only managed to get one plant to the second stage so I gave up o,o

    I know, right? I can't believe somebody could be so blatantly rude just because they found a holly in the AP that was inbred. I've seen dragons more inbred than that one; if you don't want it on your scroll, you should look for something nicer, not keep it. I had a better lineaged holly to breed but I bred that one as well because I thought I could make another user happy if they were lucky enough to find the eggs in the AP. People are always complaining that they don't have a holly, so I wanted to help.

    Next year though, I think I'll just stick to breeding non-inbred, okay lineaged hollies.

    I've been trying to breed the dragons to get that name off my page but I haven't been having any luck since Christmas. It's a real shame, especially as that dragon happens to be the last one on the list, but hopefully I'll have more luck after Valentine's Day.

    I was just looking through my Christmas dragons and attempting to name them all.
    I found this:
    I wish we could choose the users our left over holiday eggs went to when our dragons produce more than one offspring....
    I know users can do what they want with their dragons but not only does it look horrible on my dragon's progeny list, it's also a selfish thing to do; lots of users would do anything for a holly and instead of just abandoning it for somebody else who would appreciate it more, they do that... so what if it's inbred and you don't want to breed it? Just freeze it. You can't breed a frozen hatchling anyway. You don't have to give it a name like that. It's just rude.

    But Valentine's Day is starting, so you might want to hold off for a while. :) Especially since this event is apparently only 8 days long.

    I only just noticed that when I'd already bred the crocus ;o Oh well, it's going to grow in two days now so it shouldn't be too much of a problem c: I'll keep looking for valentines seeds in the garden, just in case, but I haven't had much luck so far o,o

    The crocus just grew and believe it or not, it turned out to be yellow, meaning nobody won as it was the only colour not guessed ;o I don't need it, so I guess the first person to ask if they can have it on this thread, will get it sent to them via PM :)
    Another crocus will be up soon, when I have a spare flowerpot :3

    I can use the site okay on my mobile but some of the games are unusable, such as the one where you have to collect snow in a basket. I think it'd be nice if they could change them and make them easier to play in a mobile site :3