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    Yes, I understood that. But Shelybear kept saying "we" so I wondered if it was something that was done as a group effort. Apparently not, I guess. Sorry Shely that it got messed up somehow. I wonder what happened to it...?

    Mia, that looks amazing! :thumbup:

    Oh, I hadn't noticed she said that. I suspect "we" was referring to the fact that Exterminans helped her with it. (I think he deliberately dropped seeds of the same breed all in a row for her.) So the fact that half of the lineage is missing means that it may be impossible for her to reduplicate the effort.

    Ohhhhh nope. buershi is my friend who also plays this game (advertised from me). She appeared occasionally in our experiment threads, but not very active... Exterminans hasn't done anything for that at all.

    It's not that hard to get all consecutive numbers since we are able to change the numbers from url links. So I just found a random one in wild garden, and changed the number to see if all those 8 numbers were available. Then send 4 links to buershi and kept 4 myself. We bred the second generation and third generation one by one together (when we're both online), so the offspring are also in continues numbers.

    At the end she gave the 3rd gen plant to me so I could breed them together to the 4th gen.That's why both two 3rd gens are in my garden. But if you check the previous plants are in buershi's garden.

    I just found something weird...In my memory my numeric lineage project with buershi should has 8 plants with continuous number at first generation. But when I finally remembered and checked it back here (yes it's been quite a while), it looks like we made some mistakes. It looks like this now.

    Since it's been a long while I don't recall whether we made that mistake (unlikely in my opinion) or something strange happened.

    I'm sorry that I haven't finished the gifting list but as it's lacking a half I don't want to further breeding it anymore. I could still breed the finished half (up to 3 gen) like this. Lorell Please tell me if you are still interested. :) And really sorry for the over-a-year delay..

    Looks like I need to start a new one if I want to keep a numeric lineage...

    Yes. TJ has said that dragons with different biomes will not be added. Since all the market eggs will list as 'location: market', it's (actually not but currently) impossible to define the type (e.g. colour) which is purely related to biome. It's unlike that he couldn't find a way out to solve it, but from what he said personally, he just doesn't want to. So it's intended (so far). Those biome-related-variants will not show up in the market.

    Awwww there's a new variant? Only noticed it just now and I still have seed in my garden, hm...

    P.S. Dropped some to the wild garden anyway..

    Sure it would be nice to do an exchange. Or it doesn't need to be an exchange...
    Just post whatever you're seeking and I'll see if I will be able to breed them. :) For Valentine's dragons, I only have those up to Radian Angel. And for Christmas, Solstice is the earliest one I have.

    I would think the actual reason was the sketch was available externally before the release. (At least that's what TJ wants people to believe). Talking about plagiarism, I personally don't think that were enough to accuse a plagiarism. I would understand having concern of using someone's art when that person is said to be having history of plagiarising and given the huge amount of available artists around DC, TJ can choose whomever he think is better behaved and suitable for the site.

    However, more important to me, is whether the new arts should be considered plagiarising? I'm not sure if the "replacement" in their agreement means just alter original designs.

    P.S. The image is chaning again...

    Did you try breed HoV to bleeding heart or a pair of bleeding hearts? I read from somewhere that the chance is higher if you breed one HoV to Bleeding Heart (since you apparently couldn't breed a HoV to HoV). I just tired three pairs (HoV x Bleeding Heart) and they all successed and resulted in HoV seeds. But with a try on Bleeding Heart x Bleeding Heart, I only got a non-holiday seed.

    P.S. All three HoV seeds are out in the wild garden.

    Ok I've kind of changed my mind, it's hard to decide which one I prefer after seeing the virus one. To me the virus badge fits more with the Halloween theme. xD
    Yes I've tried for myself that you can only have one badge and it depends on which side you chose the most. For example I've chosen cure for the first time, which gave me a cure badge, then chose spread for the next second tries, and my cure badge chenged into virus one after that.

    Btw, how's everyone's progress in collecting those little 'candys'?