• lorimmel How many hundred gardens did you have to visit? :D

    Hehehe not that many, Blobber. I think I visited 30 or 40 in total. Some in the morning, but I soon reached the limit and couldn't water / bend branches /etc. any more.
    Then I had to go grocery shopping and do some RL chores, and after that I visited a couple of plants again. That did the trick :)
    Anyway, I didn't visit any unreasonably great number of plants :P It's probably a matter of some "cooldown" between the visits :)

    Please help them grow faster! Thank you! / Bitte hilf meinen Blumen, schneller zu wachsen! Vielen Dank!

  • How come when you visit some people's garden their wintergarden is on the right and with other people it's in the middle. Can you rearrange that yourself?

    (Still visiting forest lakes - they're so beautiful - but no second parcel for me yet. lorimmell must really have visited hundreds :D )

    I hadn't noticed, but I've just seen this http://i.imgur.com/Wp0jXf2.png

    Alia That's what I was doing, but I reached my limit. As lorimmel says, perhaps there's a cooldown.

  • Spoiler spoiler to getting the second parcel. ;)

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    There's a specific number mentioned in connection to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy", I think that might also be the number of flowers we need to visit to get the second parcel. :D I just got the second parcel, however, I didn't count how many flowers I'd visited. But the text I got hinted in that direction.

    Great fun, and I love the presents! :thumbup:

  • The 25th will be a good day. :)

    And the day before my birthday! :thumbup:

    Being new I am wondering how I visit other peoples gardens?

    You might also want to put a few of your own plants into your sig. Not only can people visit you, but it will help keep the clouds away!

    If I may do some advertising, why don't you do something good and click some abandoned plants from this thread: Garden Helpers - Come click!

    Why, thank you, Alia! I see you beat me to it. I had the same idea. :thumbup:

  • Ganz viele Gärten konnt' ich heute bereisen,
    nun muss ich wohl drei bis neun Schnitzel verspeisen.
    Viele war'n nicht bewohnt,
    ein Besuch dennoch lohnt,
    den dort leben Mäuse und sicher auch Meisen. :P

    Sry, could translate, but is is a limerick. :D Yes, it was a long way, 17 gardens more then I was estimating. 8)

    Habt großen Dank. Beide Kleinode sind begeisterungspflichtig. :love: --- Allerdings, ich hatte die ganze Zeit nur mit Phosphor, Schwefel und Kali gefüttert. Nun werde ich mich nach einer weiteren Futtersorte umschauen müssen. ^^

    ... Ja wirklich. Schwefel bekommen manche ganz schlimme Pflanzen im Frühjahr und im Herbst. - Kenner wissen, dass das einfach so sein muss. :rolleyes:


  • Such a great event and wow, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? If my think about the number is right, Isn't that too many? Haha
    + I got that bowl now. Is it the traveling's true ending? I wish there's fish bowl too but I got the answer so... Thank you all for your help and hint. Love ya!

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  • I wanted to thank you for this event. I've always loved the work of DA, and when I met him, I found him to be a very kind, warm, funny, and extremely intelligent person, exactly the sort of person I like to be friends with. I was very sad when he passed away at such a young age; I felt that the world lost out from a wonderful writer, and those of us who knew him (I didn't know him as well as I would have liked; we emailed each other after we met, but were too far apart to know each other well) lost out on a wonderful friend. I didn't thank you earlier because every time I tried, I would get a lump in my throat from sadness.

    But thank you for this. I didn't know about the holiday in his honor, but because I admired him greatly, I'm glad it exists. Thank you for finding a way to honor him.


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