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  • Hi, I am messaging you because you are the one who can update the Special Plants page.

    There is a ninth variant to the Witch Mushroom not on the SP page. There are two of the large black slouchy hats, the one with the spider and the one with a crescent moon and stars.

    I didn't notice it until MiaSkywalker said that there were nine variants of it instead of just the eight listed on the SP page. This will give you the chance to update the page.

  •'s your trip to Fujian? Have you been to 厦门,or 鼓浪屿 more precisely?

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    • Oh, last 2008. When I went on Xiamen tour. That was back in First Year high school. This year, I went to Quanzhou (泉州) to visit my relatives.

    • I've been to there alone. All the trip. I would say that was not quite satisfying for I encountered soooooooooo many visitors, which made a bad impression on me. However I don't mind visiting there again to 'improve' my bad impression, may be with my friends the next time. Who knows?

    • Which part of China do you live in by the way?

    • I'm in Shenzhen(深圳),the city next to the HK. Do you know it?