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    Happy V day!

    I just lost in the "A valentine story" I remember that I did this in last year and got the Be-my-valentine, but I give away that and I can't remember 'how I was through this event'? Anyone please help me?

    (Sorry for spoiler I don't know how to fold it)
    Now I found a half of letter from (delete) and the sweet sticky honey in (delete) But nothing happened with clicking the honey So I stucked :(
    Where's another half of letter?

    Noway... I'm so sorry Nephele have done great artworks in this game that loved by all of us We will remember you with those sweet and warm hearted arts Thank you and RIP heavenly... I'm getting so sad but trying to believe all will be fine someday

    For Shely and all, useful links again! And thx for uproad all!

    FG users who got DC ID
    All plant images
    All grown flower images for make a wish list
    DC VD14 flowers' name
    DC VD14 thread on DC forum

    What FG users want in DC 14VD event
    - today ver with pic:
    -last day ver(so don't sure they need it 'till now
    MiaSkywalker(DC-KagomeShikon): dragonhead
    Alia(DC-Delia): yellow rose, pansy
    Agajol: pansy

    RedSquirrel: OMY Sry I just didn't see your edited reply (guess
    Yup I'm Hangga on DC and I don't need any flower/pot but
    That aquarium? I love it, Thanks XD
    Savynn: Yay I did wanna know they're name Thanks for let me know
    LadyNova: That's much better 'v')b

    Rly Do you sure they don't need 'any' water?
    I did googling and search on other website and ppls said they need just few of water 'in the air' :)
    I just didn't know that plants called like that
    and yes, all of them have they're own name surely X)

    Oh now I can see that thank for let me know Mimmu

    And here's what people want that I know
    idril :…zpsfe0ec794.png
    LadyNova :
    Mimmu :…zps776672e7.png
    RedSquirrel :…3087df.png.html
    MiaSkywalker(DC:KagomeShikon) : dragonhead
    Alia (DC:Delia) want : yellow rose, pansy
    Agajol : pansy

    I love it and think it's the best event on DC
    But the flower need quite long time to grow
    At lest they're fast then real ones but X)

    Your words make me remember this lyrics;
    당신을 향한 나의 작은 사랑은 기다리는 즐거움을 내게 가르쳐주네
    : My little love for thou let me know the pleasure in waiting

    1 by 1 flowers blooming and seeds comming ater and after
    Now there's dragonhead and blue mushroom too teeehhhhheeeehhhh (not grown yet

    Um, anyone that let me know what pansy looks on DC?

    Woooyeh!! Thanks Mimmu <3
    And I checked dragonhead flower looks on DC forum heheh

    Yayks~~~~!!! Another aquarium pot! Thanks blobber HEHEHEHEHHEH
    Both of you send little fish and purple flowers to me... it looks so lovely... TOT!!
    If you want specific flower or pot I'll send you back! ;)

    Now I haven't what you looking for Mimmu
    When I have any of it, I'll send it ASAP!

    That's cool idea then I'll try to collect them I guess
    and yes, they growing too slowly!
    I'll send you If I have dragonhead flower but I don't sure what it looks on DC
    Can anyone let me know what they looks?

    Oh and now I see the 7th pot it looks like little aquarium...!
    Whoa, is there anyone send that pot? Any flower will be great :thumbup:

    Ahhhhh each stage! :O
    Eng isn't my native and sometimes I just don't read it carefully, hehe thanks for makes me read it again XD
    Oh COOL I'll help ya and thanks for another flower :thumbup:

    O Alia same aks here Can I know what you looking for? And that flowers beautiful, thanks!

    Well I don't sure 'bout what's easier. For me, aquarium seems isn't easy
    so I haven't aquarium but I love to spent my time for watching other's. It makes me pe~acefull 3)

    Wow Airplant! I just shout it loudly in real. Yes it sounds COOL!
    Ah I think I know what they are. Some of plants need just few of water so spray will helpful, that's what I heared.
    And today I heared what's the another Eng name of them form you. Woah~ airplant, sounds cool. :love:

    Aw that flowers! Thanks for all uproad!
    Users who got DC ID :…-BEo/edit?pli=1
    Plant images :
    -with list :

    IDK is that matter still there but the issue is/was true. My 1st and 2nd Valentine eggs' dead.
    I did add them on another site, only 1 site and next day they're dead.
    A fortune in unfortune, I can get more 2 of it.
    Please watch out if you add your dragon on any hatch site!

    Isn't these flowers growing slowly? It seems not 2~4hrs for all grown to me.
    Last night I did sleep with worriness of them but at the mornign 1 flower is grown, 1 flower!
    Now I got some flowers but it seems take more time too ?S

    Sorry EmeraldsLyn, I didn't know that was youuu...! T_T

    Thanks for all! I'll send back to ya<3

    Oh yay I got some flowers that you guys need
    Hehehe I'll send and you don't have to send any flowers back cus I don't collect them~ just take them~

    Wow that spoilrerrrr Thanks for your kindness you two, Lorell and Aztekior! I'd better say after search, sorry XP
    Thanks Inari I took that sweetie HoV <3 And that words from Einstein is so true :thumbup:

    Thank you Mimmu!
    I didn't play DC nowadays and didn't make any reply on this thread in this season
    IDK how you remember me Thank you so much I'll send a flower to you too very happly

    Is Crystal-Dragon-Gem on this thread too? Maybe not but
    Thank you very much to ya too! *go to DC forum for seaching*
    + O it's random one I guess

    + Thank you Idril Yup it's a nice day and you made it!

    To all, happy Valentine <3 ☜☜ :love:

    I'd guarantee everyone will miss if seen that
    beautifull aquarium by happiness!

    Ahh Baby palnts <3 Haha sounds like you want to keep them
    'till they came out of water and say hello to you XD

    I think the city of concrete... metropolice
    that makes all living things go mad and weak
    It's too much of cold gray For what? IDK Not for me
    There's nothing is beautifull then mother nature
    When I see the green place(even a flower pot)
    Everythings talk to me I can feel every single things
    and wear that, that keeps talking and talking to all
    Little bugs eats dead things for good soil(/ water)
    and that makes all living things grow up again
    Whole things' connected hamouniously...
    but city doesn't like that Just wordless

    So I can't tell you that you have to
    don't feel any miss 'bout living beauties
    and needs get near of it
    But the situation looks doesn't quite good to have it
    Can you handle it? I know that's a strong temptation
    I wish I have huse and cool aquarium(vivarium! Yay) everyday
    but that need many time to effort of it so... XS
    Ewoooh I'll hope that you have a aquarium
    and it will be alright 100 pecently
    and someday mine's too! XD