The ^ < > v Game

  • This is a common forum game:

    ^ Say something about the person above you; comment on what s/he said
    < Say something about yourself
    > Say something about... Flowers!
    v make a condition for the next person

    I'll start:
    ^ No person above me
    < I love flowers though doesn't have chance to grow a garden :( - at least I have some non-flowering plants here
    > Each flower is unique
    v loves chocolate

  • ^ breathes the oxygen the flowers produce, and I'm ready for spring to spring up too.
    < I grow rose bushes and a few rose trees, but all my mini roses died two years ago.
    > An established rosebush is almost impossible to kill. You can cut it down to the ground and it will regrow fiercer than ever.
    v Has worn green for St Patrick's Day before.

  • ^ Unfortunately hasn't worn green on St. Patrick's day,. but does wear red and green during the winter solstice and christmas season
    < I also grow orchids and african violets, thou mine tend to die and I love roses
    > Some flowers are edible - like candied violets
    * (doesn't have that key) Has cooked with flowers before

  • ^ I love filled courgette blossom and like to eat dandelion in salat ... me and my children like to eat common daisies fresh directly on the lawn. :whistling: ;
    orchids love it, when their pots (with no openings at the bottom) stand on wet sand, cause of the raised air humidity ... perhaps that could help yours?!
    < love to work in RL(real life)-garden without gloves
    > but some of the reular garden flowers are that poisonous that they may not been handled without gloves especial by children i.e. monkshood (Blauer Eisenhut, Aconitum napellus)
    v (PheonyxRose you have the key, too ... it is the small letter of "V" ;) ) also love to work in RL-garden without gloves

    74637.png69634.png72388.png- ---..- .. . ...........1080348.png1080247.png1080193.png1079789.png
    Flowergame-Name: Sahra - - - - - - - - ---- -- Please help them growing/Bitte hilf ihnen zu wachsen
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----- - -- - - :thumbsup: Thank you/Danke

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  • ^ Nope. I love to work, yes. But when it comes to garden or chem lab, I can't do without gloves :P
    < Is a Hufflepuff
    > A lot of caffeine can be found in tea leaves- more than coffee beans
    v favourite author is Cornelia Funke

  • ^ Well, I own a garden, but it's really my mother's (I have a brown thumb)
    < I love writing computer programs!
    > Most plants are poisonous to cats, unfortunately. :(
    v Likes the color purple!

  • ^ Well, my favourite time of the year is autumn (too much work in summer!).
    < I love rock music and thanks to Mimmu recently discovered Poets of the Fall. :)
    > Many so-called weeds are useful. For instance, you can make a cough syrup from ribleaf (Plantago lanceolata).
    v Prefers tea to coffee.

  • ^ Yes! I love the smell of coffee but dislike the taste. I drink a lot of herbal teas, fennel is one of my favourites.
    < Can't decide whether the next book to buy should be a Discworld novel or a Judge Dee mystery... or maybe I should save the money. :S
    > Some flowers/plants can call for help when they are attacked, by releasing chemicals that attract insects who eat the grubs that attack the plant.
    v Probably already knew that.

    On forum hiatus due to new job (but I'm still playing), may still be found on Dragon Cave forum.

  • ^ o.0 You knew what?
    < Uhm just made myself a timetable of May. It seems I will be busy all the month before graduation. Since part of me don't want it comes too fast, another part of me can't wait for it. X/
    > Nepenthes sp has no significant effect on dispelling mosquitoes. It captures mosquitoes and digests them by secreting mucus. Imaging a mosquito fly into your room, will it choose a Nepenthes sp or you?
    v Fan of Harry Potter.

  • ^ spicy food is so delicious!! :D although my friends all have different taste scales than me, and what i think isn't spicy is too hot for them.
    < i go to an art school. it's fun, but a lot of work.
    > not specifically a fact? but when i was younger i hated touching plants. nowadays i like rubbing petals since they are so velvety.
    v knows how to swim

  • ^ I do know how to swim and look forward to the pool opening soon! Yay! :D
    < I am taking Paint Shop Pro lessons online at The School for Paint Shop Pro and More. Those ladies really know their stuff!
    > When growing up, one year, my mom was out of food coloring so for my birthday cake she cut all her beautiful purple irises and put the around my birthday cake. It is the only cake from my childhood I remember. She sacrificed so much for me!
    v Has always wanted a Herb Garden.

  • ^ I've always thought it'd be nice to have one but whenever I buy a herb, it dies after a week or so :c
    < I'm finishing my exams in a week or so in which I'll be leaving school! :o I'm still debating on which college I'll go to next year but I'll probably decide on one soon :3
    > Apparently tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s.
    v Didn't know that fact about flowers.

  • I have written a short story, but only for an assignment for school.

    ^ is using a banner I created. :D
    < Is staying up WAY too late for her own good!!!
    > We are looking for a kitty to come live with us. EDIT: Whoops! reread the directions so here's something about flowers: I used to take care of planting the flowers/plants outside of a little shop I worked at before I lost that job (due to the owners selling the business, not through any fault of my own. That was actually my favorite job of all time!)
    v Would love to click my Mondoz Zoo link and join the fun! :D