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    Wow that are some really nice muchroom-pedigrees!!! Perhaps we should lend each other some muchrooms for breeding? It is really hard, exspecially for long lineages, to get enough "frech blood".

    @ Alia: perhaps your and my would be a nice couple?

    I finished this one this year:
    And this one I am also a little proud of:


    Nicely done, Mia.

    And there's one that I'd like to show off:<a href="" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">223595.png</a>.
    Pay attention to their id. xD

    I managed to get all of them in series with the help from <a href="">@buershi</a>. This l'ineage project' started quite a long time ago but has just been finished…

    :thumbsup:<3 Wow, that is really impressiv!!! Respect!!! <3:thumbsup:

    Das ist ja eine furchtbar traurige Nachricht! Ich weiß gar nicht so recht was ich schreiben soll ... ;(

    Mein aufrichtiges Beileid für die Familie und die Freunde.

    I just found a pedigree that I'm rather proud of - considering I didn't know I was making it! Tell me what you think. :)

    WOW!!!! That is a really cool one! Congratulations!!! :thumbsup: I love it!!! :love: Would there be a chance to borrow it for breeding in the X-Mas-Time?

    (((A little "But psst!": You didn't know you was making it, because it seems that you have found it in the wild garden (the parents are at Tawanda's garden) :whistling:^^ )))

    The trick is in the plant's numbers (and ages). When two plants are bred together, the lower numbered plant will always be on the left in the resulting seed/plant's lineage. So if you breed plants #12 and #8, and get plant #150, you will have #8 to the left of #12 on the lineage. Now, things can get tricky because if you breed #150 with plant #103, whose parents are #27 and #32, you will have #103 to the left of #150, which means that on the row below them, the plants will be ordered as #27, #32, #8, #12, even though #27 and #32 are obviously larger numbers.

    That's what can make it confusing at times if you're trying to do symmetries and patterns, because (unlike, say, Dragon Cave) the plants don't have "male" and "female" identities or positions on their family trees, and are instead arranged by which plant is younger and which is older. So if you have a marvel fern whose parents are arranged with the male fern on the left and the marvel on the right, and you mate it with a male fern whose parents are arranged the same way, you might not get the pattern you expected and wanted if that male fern mate is actually older than your marvel fern. (And that's why, whenever I can, I like to mate two plants of the same variation to each other. Then it doesn't matter which one is older. :) )

    WoW!!! I didn't know that. Thank you very much! I am curious to try that out and make a cool new lingage. :)

    :) I always don't like to write "Edit:" ... don't know why ... a while ago I saw in a forum someone writing "Tante Edit sagt:" (german for: "Aunty Edit(h) says:") instead. I loved it ... now I use it, too. ^^

    Just googled Lemon Tree by Peter, Paul, and Mary (... didn't know it till now ... :/ ) Great song! :love:

    I always have to think of the "Lemon Tree"-Song by Fool’s Garden, when I see it ... perhaps you do now, too? ^^

    Aunty Edit(h) says: Please don't get it wrong Truelinor ... I just read my post again and get the impression, that it would be possible to get it wrong. I really love that song and I really have to think of it, when I see the tree ... and I throught that it would help you to never forget your beatiful lemon tree again. :) ... than when I read it again I recognized, that when you take the bands name into the equation ... it is also a bit of a cheeky wordplay :/:rolleyes:

    I recogniced that the breeding time for Heart of Valentine ended.
    But there were some seeds left in the wild garden to pick up.

    But I didn't see any of the new valentine seeds in the wild garden, I think it is really a "post pixie only" this year.