Valentine / Valentinstag

  • It seems it can easily been overlooked.

    Yes it does seem like the second half is found in different places. I just can't think of anywhere else to go. :)

    EDIT. I logged out and in again and found it right away.

  • aw so sweet, and the table vas very pretty. however it's still sad that it's "sadthing" :(
    also there seems to be a little bit transparency issues on the seat?

    thank you for this little valentines quest, it was very sweet and the art lovely (if not a little heartbreaking, I'd love to see "sadthing" be happy in the end :)

  • For everyone who still cannot complete the Quest, this is how I did it:

    Please help them grow faster! Thank you! / Bitte hilf meinen Blumen, schneller zu wachsen! Vielen Dank!

  • For everyone who still cannot complete the Quest, this is how I did it:

    Thank you so much!!! :love: :love:
    The honey was almost hiden.

  • I still can't find the honey...

    I really clicked every plant in the compendium and looked but I didn't find anything.
    Another idea somone?

    Thanks for help!

    For me the honey is at the very bottom of the page, so far it has shown up on every flower page I have checked. I still can't find the second part of the letter. I have checked and rechecked the flowergame sign at the top of the page. I even tried to use snaplinks on it, it opens up multiple links at one time, but nothing. It only shows there being one link there. I don't know where else it could be, and I hate to not finish it.

  • Gerade mit Internetexplorer getestet. Der zeigt den Honigtopf hier nicht an! Yogamupfel, hast du ggf. den Firefox? Der hat keine Probleme. Ganz unten auf jeder Pflanzenseite. Der untere Teil des Topfes ist durch die Werbung überdeckt. Den oberen Teil sieht man mit oder ohne Blocker. Der ist klickbar.

    Beachte die Reihenfolge der Klicks. Erst muss dir die Traurige sagen, was getan werden kann. Erst danach funktioniert die Sache mit dem Honigtopf.

  • i got one earlier from giving a plant with the heart of valentine in it.
    i did get one with the decorations in it from the quest.

    is there a second parcel from the quest or two parcels total? i am just confused with how some of the posts make it sound is why i ask.

  • I think you get the one with the seed for gifting a flower - although I don't know if that was only yesterday. Try gifting a flower, perhaps you'll strill get that post pixie...