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    oh my god, I can't believe it!
    Nephele is dead? this is really harsh!
    what was wrong with her? I thought she was a young woman, and I never heard of anything illnesses.
    I just came back today to play and then this message.... my condolences to her family, friends and workmates

    is this the end of Flowergame? :(

    a sad day indeed.

    ahh! (after having returned from too long a hiatus!)
    I returned yesterday and.. I saw several eggs around the site even though it's long after easter! ?(

    I am glad that here isn't such a rush of updates and new stuff all the time on this site. it's a "lazy" game that you can play when you want, you don't really have to rush and stress because every 2 weeks there is something new. that's what I like with this game. :)

    hi, I read the old comments and apparently people are taking about a third parcel in the egg hunt, I never got a third.

    Did everyone that got all 16 or so eggs (I got the "this seems to be the last one" message) get a third visit from the postpixie?

    I don't want to sacrifice a mushroom! I only have one of each and not the green or pink :(

    well atleast I now have two I've bred, so maybe those two could be green and pink? :wistful:

    hi! I am also using chrome and I also had HUGE problems with placing things. it's better now, and when scrolling it doesn't scroll down and stuff, but dragging a thing egg palnt tree up doesn't cause the page to scroll up with it. but using up arrow or (in my case scrolling with the touchpad while holding the item with mouse) works fine (actually better than before!)

    I was actually going to report this problem once I wasn't so busy with christmas, glad that I don't have to do it now! :D

    Ljeta, I did not say "try again" your quotes are wrong
    But no, I will not "try again". I said why I will not,. all you seem to do is nag people about neopets, people here talked about why they were/weren't interested. accept peoples comments / criticism. why are you so interested in people going back to neopets anyway?? ?(

    MiaSkywalker: yea, *technically* she is still "halloween" (it says "[name] the Halloween Cybunny") but the de-facto colour is plain red since her halloween decorations are still??! not animated

    (I remember that when animations were introduced, they said such things would be temporary,and everything would (eventually) be animated thingy. but it's pretty telling that they don't give two shits about any of their users after they got bought up by company) :thumbdown:

    edit edit. here is PROOF
    she used to look like

    my favourite was…ybunny_halloween_baby.gif and ...ickle baby buzz with a giant band-aid on its head! aaww. that ickle baby buzz pose was the whole reason I went ahead and got a buzz and a baby paintbrush in the first place!

    ahha..I remember neopets. I played there ages ago. it was on neopets fansite I got a link to geopets. who's forum brought me to gpx+ which in turn had a thread about vdex to go to and then that site's forum again brought me here.
    I was even a paying customer for a while. but the customization they introduced killed it for me, I worked SO hard to get a halloween paintbrush for my cybunny and also a babypaintbrush for my buzz. the "customisation" made that all those wonderful images (which is the reason i did all that hard work in the first place) got dev/bin/NULL'd.

    I recently took a look (without logging in) and guess what? my cybunny is *still* showing as being a normal red cybunny.

    WTG neoFAIL

    hello thank you for the christmas events!
    but I have some question:

    • Is there a new christmas tree variant?
    • Can I get that from taking seeds from the garden?
    • Am I guaranteed not to get a burning tree if I take non-bred seeds?

    please answer these if you can't because it is very important for me.
    thank you very much for releasing wreaths this year!

    hum hum.. I just now looked at the wiki and I cannot for the life of me find any "register" link. and "" as an url manipulation doesn't work either. so uh.. how do I actually register?

    OMG. I left fast this morning so I never realised there were more than *one* postpixie! 8o

    ...and not only one, but TWO Audrey II's!!!!

    oh my I am such a happy guy right now!