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    I ran out of time but I tried sending a thank you plant out to everyone. I'm so sorry for those I missed. I just waited a bit too late. (I was trying to get out some plants to those I found who needed some still.)

    It was a great event. I had lots of fun. Thank you everyone!

    I just got back home. I'm so sad that I missed out on the event pretty much all day. At the same time though I'm happy because I got a chance to visit a friend who has a newborn baby. (He's quite cute and looks a lot like his older brother.)

    Thank you very much for the flowers sent. There's only two flowers I'm missing now, the miniature rose bush with the single blue rose in it and one of the orchids.

    Edit: Collection complete!

    I wanted to make a prettier garden before the event ended but I just ran out of time. I was going to carefully replace plants starting in the back but never got to most of it. Here it is though. I was going to focus mostly on a few species making clumps of flowers with maybe a single type here or there. The only flowers in the front area that were supposed to be there were the gerberas.

    Does anyone need anything sent? If not there's a couple people I play with on another site who may still need some. And if they don't I guess I'll just send plants at random out.

    I got really distracted trying to do as much as I could on another site before it's Valentine event ended. But I got a whole lot of flowers I can send out now. I'll see what lists I can find of anything anyone still needs.

    Here's my updated list. And thank you for the flowers sent.

    I was wondering who zabjade was. That was really nice of her. I'll have to see what else I have that I can send. And I'll check what everyone else needs that I may have before going to bed.

    I've been kinda tied up tonight because of a Valentine event still going on another site that I periodically have to drop everything else to participate in. Someone in the forums there linked me to a comment by TJ saying that we're only keeping the flowers sent to us and not the gardens. I guess it's what everyone was thinking but can't I help but feel a bit sad about it. I'll still make a garden and screenshot it though.…09&st=10720&#entry8067905

    Edit: I do still need the Bat plant, Mia. Thank you for asking.

    Updated List

    Thanks so much for the flowers that were sent! I got back to being able to do send outs much later than I thought and I think most everyone else in bed now.

    Sending Idril a red hibiscus. Not sure if you're still missing it or not but just in case. :)

    The colors are really similar but I think I'm sending LadyNova the right lavender.

    Sending tawanda the dandelion, the yellow-edged Jack-in-the-pulpit, the blue blue-bonnet, the non-spotted white orchid, the blue spotted orchid with the pink lip, and the white rose.

    I'll see if I can find more that people are missing.

    Updated list

    If nothing else, we can screenshot our garden and keep that as a memento.

    What I'm doing is focusing on those who've posted something they need here. If I have a plant no one needs I go to the list. I'll check to see if the person's scroll has any of the newer dragons.

    I sent LadyNova the pale orange hibiscus. Sending Emeraldis the purple titan arum and the dark purple hyacinth.

    I think I need to change to a different list because I got a biter I don't see to mark off. But here's the most current version I have.…Ivegotten_zps92a44d9c.png

    The biter not on the list I'm using is the blue leaf one with pink flowers.

    Wait - you can CHOOSE where to plant the seed? When I click "plant" it goes to the first open space. How do you put it where you want it?

    Savynn, just sent you one that was on your list.

    Thank you! And all you have to do to decide where to plant a seed is to make something like a... what's the right word.... scaffold? Use other plants to increase where you can plant things. You can then decide where you want other plants once those plants are mature and can be removed. So first plant stuff that you can harvest later and replace with what you want in those spots. You may want to hold onto some seeds that you know you'll want to plant at a later time.

    Updated list of plants I need. And thank you everyone for the flowers! Hopefully, I'll be able to check for seeds more regularly tonight so I can send more off to people soon.

    I never anticipated that the greatest crisis of the day for me would be if I where to plant a Bat seed in a Dragon Cave garden. (Thinking somewhere in the back).

    I'm slowly building up something that looks more like a garden (I hope). And planting other seeds that I don't intend to keep and/or want to give away to stretch out where I can plant things. I've got a lot of work to do. -_-

    Sav's DC Garden

    I had to do my list all over again, it started to be little messy and I had troubles seeing what I had and what I didn't :wacko:

    Savynn, where did you find that pic?

    Here's my updated list:…e907e3e26_zps3e576eb9.png

    I found it on this page here.

    Idril, are those flowers you have or flowers you need on your list?

    I was wondering if anyone here would like any flowers sent? I think it's such a cute event. I mostly missed last year's (I still managed to get some flowers in my vase though) and looking forward to participating more in this event.

    I'm wondering if we hold onto a bunch of flower seeds and sow them before the event would we get to keep our flower beds?

    My first batch have sprouted. They're half bred and half found in the wild garden. I opened the mail for the heart of Valentine seed before I thought to go get more from the wild garden. So of the new batch I found there's two without parents and one with a parent. Would keeping the bred one give better odds of getting all the varieties? (It's actually kinda neat as it's the first plant I think I found with "grandparents".) I do at least have three previous types.

    I still haven't found #16 either. I'm hopefully going to have some time to look again in a little bit. Part of me wants to think that so long as there's no prize attached not to worry about it but the other part of me won't let it go. I think it'll drive me crazy if I don't find it.