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    i'm done. i did a conversation with the raven and the magpie and it still won't let me do anything. i really hate these little seek and find things as i can't even get started. i don't have the time or energy to waste on it. i don't know what the reward is, but it frankly isn't worth the frustration for me.

    i don't understand how to even get started. it seems i need to fix the bridge but am unable to pick up nails or anything. i also don't understand where you find the inventory that everyone talks about.

    sorry Forester. i went afk for a couple days. i don't log into the forum very often.

    excited to say i got the gingerbread house and i love it. so got both new ones there!

    and got the new lucky clover with the ladder in it. kind of like that one too.

    love the new pixie! saw her earlier today.

    finally got the burning christmas tree this year. i think it took me 3 years.

    got the new christmas star. i think i like it.

    have a couple christmas wreaths to grow up yet but hoping for the gingerbread house. got the new candle one.

    none of the lucky clovers are grown up yet. got two that have "hatched" and 4 that are still seeds. hoping to get lucky there. i guess i didn't breed any for that.

    my luck seems to be particularly bad with the new halloween tree stump (got one new one but still have question mark), jackolanterns (got new one but still have a question mark, have seen 2 variants i don't have), easter bunnies and the special toadstool thing (i forget the event).

    thanks for the event. i have no complaints except i also wish that the new variants had a better chance. (not just for this event but others as well)

    also i love the "new" wood blewit mushroom. not sure how long it has been in the garden, i picked one up at the beginning of the christmas party.

    sorry this got so long but i don't post much here.

    i got one earlier from giving a plant with the heart of valentine in it.
    i did get one with the decorations in it from the quest.

    is there a second parcel from the quest or two parcels total? i am just confused with how some of the posts make it sound is why i ask.

    there are at two other variations. i had this one and the one with blue on it. my compendium on that one was complete until this breeding season.

    thank you for the fun filled season!
    can't wait to see what christmas trees i get this year. i know i am missing at least one previous tree, and hope it shows up this year. (i bred a couple, crosses fingers)

    thanks you for the christmas rose and for making it available year round! this way i can concentrate on the christmas trees.

    can't wait for the market! that was fun last year. would love to fill up my compendium on the missing christmas star too. is there a new one this year as well?

    also i have all the lucky clovers so far, will there be a new one of that also?

    so excited because i finally got the light pink bleeding heart and the orange dahlia to finish off those flower groups!

    waiting for the christmas stars to grow up. just noticed my christmas wreaths! i love them! got an angel and a candle.