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    How many flowers may i have?
    Unlimited, however, you may not collect seeds from the wild garden if you have more than 2 not full grown plants in your garden, and seeds will be autoabandoned if you try to breed with more then 3 not full grown plants in your garden. You may allways receive or open a package and take the seeds which were inside.
    Wieviele Blumen kann ich haben?
    Unbegrenzt, allerdings kannst du keine Samen aus dem wilden Garten mitnehmen wenn du mehr als 2 nicht ausgewachsene Pflanzen in deinem Garten hast. Kreuzt du zwei Pflanzen wenn du mehr als 3 nicht ausgewachsene Pflanzen hast, werden die Samen automatisch in den wilden Garten gesetzt. Du kannst jederzeit Päckchen annehmen und die Samen einpflanzen die darin enthalten sind.

    What is the "Gift url" good for?
    Give this URL to a person you want to give the flower to. Every person who knows this URL may take this flower from you without further confirmation. This URL turns invalid if not used within 24 hours after spreading it, but you will receive a fresh gift-url every time you visit the detail page. The gift url can not be used to take flowers somebody else took earlier.
    Für was ist der "Verschenken-Link" da?
    Schicke diesen Link einer Person der du eine Pflanze schenken möchtest. Jeder der diesen Link kennt, kann die Pflanze nehmen, ohne das du dies noch einmal bestätigen musst. Nach 24h verfällt der Link wenn er nicht genutzt wird, du kannst allerdings jederzeit auf der Detailseite der Pflanze einen neuen Link bekommen. Sobald die Pflanze von jemandem angenommen wurde, wird der Link ungültig.

    How long does it take for a flower to grow up?
    At full water and cloudless sun: 4 day per stage, 2 stages (seed, sproutling) or 8 days in total. With lower stats, it might be more time consuming.
    Wie lange dauert es, bis eine Blume ausgewachsen ist?
    Sind alle Wassertropfen gefüllt und bedeckt keine Wolke die Sonne: 4 Tage pro Stufe, es gibt zwei Stufen, Samen und Keimling. Beziehungsweise 8 Tage insgesamt. Hat die Pflanze weniger Sonne und Wasser kann es länger dauern.

    What happens when i go on vacation?
    Nothing. Your seeds and sproutlings might stop growing when they run out of water / light, but they won't die. Your full grown plants won't die either.
    Was passiert mit meinen Pflanzen wenn ich im Urlaub bin?
    Nichts. Deine Samen und Keimlinge hören auf zu wachsen wenn sie kein Wasser oder Licht bekommen. Und auch deine ausgewachsenen Pflanzen können nicht sterben.

    How do i care for a plant?
    Plants need two ressources: Water and light. They get water when somebody visits them or when you water them manually. They get light from the sun in your garden, the less clouds the more light they get. A sun without clouds is the highest amount of light they can get.
    Wie sorge ich für meine Pflanzen?
    Die Pflanzen brauchen zwei Ressourcen: Wasser und Licht. Wasser bekommen sie, wenn jemand sie besucht oder wenn sie von Hand gegossen werden. Licht bekommen sie von der Sonne in deinem Garten. Je weniger Wolken davor sind umso mehr Licht bekommen sie. Die größte Lichtmenge bekommen sie, wenn keine einzige Wolke mehr vor der Sonne ist.

    How can i water plants / get a cloudless sun?
    Either use the BBCodes given on the plants detail page or follow the pixie to play minigames. Usually its the easiest to put the flowers in your signature in all forums your participate in using the BBCodes for a cloudless sun (the more people see your signature, the brighter the sun shines) and watering the plants yourself, using the minigames. Please do not try to get views / clicks using an autovisitor like yarold or idarionis, views or clicks originating from such locations won't be counted.
    Wie bekomme ich Wasser/ vertreibe ich die Wolken vor der Sonne?
    Sonne bekommst du am einfachsten, wenn du deine Pflanzen mit Hilfe des BBCcodes der auf der Detailseite angezeigt wird in der Signatur in allen Foren einstellst in denen du dich beteiligst. Je mehr Leute deine Signatur sehen umso mehr Sonne wirst du bekommen. Aber auch Wasser bekommst du über die Signatur, wenn die Leute deine Pflanzen anklicken.
    Einfacher ist es, die Pflanzen zu giessen indem du dem Kobold in deinem Garten folgst und die Minigames spielst. Versuche bitte nicht, clicks oder views über automatische Besuchsprogramme zu bekommen. Views und clicks die von solchen Programmen kommen werden nicht gezählt.

    I can't seem to find a special seed in the wild garden?
    Some seeds can only be obtained during seasonal events or by completing (secret) tasks. Usually only species, which do realy exist, can be found in the wild garden, but even those might be "out of stock" so you need to be patient sometimes.
    Wieso finde ich einen spezial Samen nicht im wilden Garten?
    Manche Samen bekommt man nur während saisonalen events oder indem man geheime Aufgaben löst. Normalerweise (also wenn nicht gerade ein Event läuft) findet man nur die Pflanzen im wilden Garten die es auch in Wirklichkeit gibt. Allerdings können auch diese gerade alle eingesammelt worden sein, so das man eventuell ein wenig Geduld haben muss um einen bestimmten Pflanzensamen zu finden.

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    Du hast eine Frage die hier noch nicht beantwortet wird? Antworte einfach mit der Frage auf den Thread hier und sie wird so bald wie möglich hinzugefügt.

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  • 3 flowers have to grow in your own garden from seeds till to adult. Then the atrium will ckosed free.

    The most gardeners live in the USA, and any from other nationalities write most in English or in English + German translation. Any Germans have problems with the american English (our School teaches Oxford). We try to understand and translate the most of our posts to English.

    If you understand or can translate, We have a German wiki.


  • for "bend it over, do nothing, or run away" an "pick it up, run away, or chase it off," those are actions you can perform to help your plant grow a little faster. the correct actions are "bend it over" and "pick it up/chase it off," respectively. i always use "pick it up" mostly because chasing off a snail doesn't make any sense. :D

    trashing a plant is basically killing or destroying it. you can't bring a plant back after you've trashed it. :(

    abandoning a plant means putting it back in the wild garden. it will become available to other users to pick up, and the "log" will show that you owned the plant before them.

  • Thank you :)

    Bend it over looks dangerous literally so I failed to try. And I can't find the difference between "do nothing" and "run away"... I tried "pick it up" gingerly just before you answer me and got a pleasant result. How far will it help? I mean, the reduced time?

    Ah...so chase it off actually means chasing a snail off? I thought it was chasing a flower off.("How could it be possible!")

    -Currently learning German-

  • yeah, bending over sounds bad for the other plant, but at least it's not "break the branch" :)

    the reduced time isn't that much if you only do it 3 or 4 times a day, but if you help out more plants the time bonus gets bigger and bigger. there is a limit, though, but i'm not sure how it works. you can find more plants to help out at the garden helpers thread.

    yes, the snail is being chased off (which i thought was rather odd, because snails move so slowly :D)

  • I got a question, again.
    I came to my garden and found that I have a winter garden today. But according to wiki, the criteria of having a winter garden is participated in a 2012 event. I was not here at that time, so why do I have it? Is there any other condition now? Like raising a certain number of plants.

    -Currently learning German-

  • Yes, those who couldn´t participate in the event have to raise a certain amount of plants to get it. But don´t ask me what that amount is. I don´t know that...
    Same goes for the Forest Lake.... I think...

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  • How many seeds can you abandon at one time?

    I just bred four Fuchsias this morning, but wanted to abandon them since you announced the St.Pattys Treasure seeds were available. For some reason I can't abandon the fourth one, so therefore I could only get three St.Pattys Treasure.

  • You can get them back if you remember the numbers. The ones I was raising aren't a particularly popular plant, so I figured there was a good chance to find them in the garden using the number. If they're already taken by someone, oh well, I'm not going to cry over it. :)


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  • tru: re: your original question, i'm assuming that previously the abandon limit was 3 to prevent people from picking up a seed, looking at the lineage, and abandoning it. unlike dragon cave where you can abandon as many eggs as you like in a day (with the exception of cave-caught as they have a 5-hour 'cooldown' period before you can abandon/trade it). i guess since we all got one more pot they haven't changed it over yet.