• I don't know if the new clover has a fireworks; I don't know that anyone has actually seen what it looks like yet. If anyone has successfully gotten one, would you be willing to post an image view of it? I think we'd all like to know what it looks like.

  • Oh! That's not a firework - that's a cracker! Those are traditional in some European countries, although not in the US. You pull the two ends away from each other and it "cracks" open, emitting some confetti, and a prize of some sort.

    I'm not sure why they're called crackers. I'm guessing it's because they sort of make a cracking sound when they open, but it could be for some other reason.

  • Oh, I see. In the US we would call the "fireworks" item a "firecracker" and apparently this is a "cracker" without the "fire" then. :D

    I hope we can each get one somehow this season, in any case! :)

  • Well... this just happened:

    I was going to breed two Lucky Clovers together in an attempt to get the type with the "cracker" in it... but the only breeding option that came up was to breed with a Fireworks plant.

    Thinking that MAYBE that would lead to the Clover-with-a-cracker, I figured it was worth a try... and ended up with a Fireworks seed.

    I did not know that Clovers could not breed with each other. Anyone have any experience with how this works?

    Thanks if you have some insight to offer!

  • You have to breed a lucky clover with a regular clover - then you may get either a lucky or a regular clover seed. This is one of my seeds: http://flowergame.net/lineage/1061643
    In general, some event flowers breed only with regular flowers: you have to breed a Christmas tree or a Christmas star with a poinsettia to get a Christmas star, a marvel fern with a male fern, a jack-o'lantern with a pumpkin, a Heart of Valentine with a bleeding heart.

    On the other hand, Christmas trees, Audreys, Christmas wreaths, bunnies and witch mushrooms breed with their own kind and fireworks can breed either with other fireworks or with lucky clovers.

  • Alia all right, thanks for explaining that!

    So the only way to breed a new Lucky Clover would be to breed it with an ordinary Clover? I guess I'll just hope that one of my current seeds/sprouts (from the Wild Garden) turns into the new kind then.

    Thanks again!

  • I got one finally as well. It might be bred-only; I bred to get mine.

    Vanille: The bred firecracker might get you the third fireworks variant, which may be a bred-only variant. I only have one of those, and it was given away through the post pixie (or perhaps by a game? Can't remember) the year it was released. I'm hoping that my bred fireworks might give me more of them.

  • Rjupa That's great! Was it from a seed you took from the Wild Garden, or from breeding your Lucky Clover to a regular Clover?

    MiaSkywalker Thanks for the info. I got one of the new types of Fireworks from a seed caught from the Wild Garden, though, so apparently it's possible to get a first-generation one.

    And speaking of Fireworks... The good news is that I think I got my wish for the kind of Fireworks that I was missing, because the (wild caught) one that just grew up is NOT DISPLAYING and the other two types are.


    If it's the type I didn't already have (which would make sense), that would be "variant 1" as listed on this Wiki page:


    However, I notice that all three types are displaying just fine in Mia's Greenhouse, so this seems to be a problem that is affecting only a limited number of those items... perhaps only the ones that recently matured?

    I'm going to post about it in the Help thread and hope the admins will fix it soon. Does anyone else have this issue with recently matured Fireworks (of any type, but especially variant 1) not displaying?

    Thanks if anyone can shed more light on any of these questions!