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    I noticed that sometimes when I try to post plants in signatures that some of them have a colorful background. Those that were not affected are from 2017, whereas the images that are affected are older like from 2012-2014. My mistake, I also found some from 2017-18 that are affected as well, seems to be random which ones are without background.

    This is only a problem when I try to post the images in my signature at dragon cave, here on flower game it looks fine.

    Vanille - It was bred, from a White Clover x Lucky Clover pairing.

    Also I don't think it matters, but the white clover was the variety that has a flower, and the lucky clover parent was the variety with a mushroom in it.

    Thank you, I can see it now in the greenhouse and posted, it's a very pretty little green/yellow firework :). But like Mimmu said, it's not visible in the compendium.

    I think I may have gotten a new Firework, but I can't see the image:

    Can't see it in other users greenhouse either, it's just an empty space.

    Now when I post it here it appears as a "broken image" symbol.

    Thanks for the hints and help with the Valentine items. I think I found the second half of the letter, but it will not let me pick it up. It is covered by an ad on the side. I clear the ad and try to pick up the second half, but no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

    I had this problem, and I just had to make the screen bigger so that the ad ended up elsewhere. Then I could click the letter fragment.
    To be clearer, I had the homepage open in a window that did not fully cover the screen of my computer, and just made the window go fullscreen.

    Remember to look very carefully, I had one little bugger that was just barely a small slice sticking out from the corner of the screen, almost missed it.

    Places I found my eggs (in order):

    Yes, that was the message I got after I supposedly had 16, but since I didn't *really* have 16 it kept showing up until I actually had picked up 16.

    I found 16 and haven't seen anything more for a while, has anyone found more than that?
    I'm asking because the counting messed up after I had found 9. When I picked up my 9th it said it was my 12th. I know that's not correct because I took a screenshots of every egg before I picked it up. When I had picked up 13 it said that I had picked up 16 and that it was my last, but I could still find more, and from there on it would say that it was the last for every new egg I found.

    I agree with JC. :S

    Rjupa said: "I've tried sacrificing one plant today, but nothing. It was not a big loss though, I have many doublets of that particular plant."

    What plant was it? Maybe we can figure it out by process of elimination. :thumbsup:

    Seems like this was answered in my absence, but anyway, it was a purple tulip I tired to sacrifice. Sorry for the wait!

    But yay for new playground game! ^^

    I've tried sacrificing one plant today, but nothing. It was not a big loss though, I have many doublets of that particular plant.

    I just got the Spring Excursion as a Playground game, does this mean it's here to stay as a game? *Hopes so*

    There's one place that's not on your list that you can try: