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    Thank you, everyone! The image on the flag is so tiny, I doubt that I would ever have guessed that. >_<

    So far I've never gotten anything that asked for more than three of the same object (3 bunnies) but it's nice to know in advance about the quadrupeds.

    Thanks again! :)

    Hi, all, I could use your help with a small question:

    In the "find the objects" game where you click on objects to match the items in the list below... there is ONE thing I've never been able to find, ever. I've clicked everywhere I could think of, to no avail:


    It's not on the picnic blanket, where the food called "cheese" would logically be.

    And although there are plants called "cheeses" none of the plants seem to qualify.

    Can someone kindly PM me the location of this mysterious "cheese"? As it is, I have to abandon the game every time that item appears in the list.

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi, all. If I may help a little more, since more people are interested:

    In this particular storyline, there is no spider or fly (that's probably from a different quest).

    Look around the borders of the pages, note the text that appears at the top of the page after you click an item (it will give you a clue) and visit the sad pixie after each item you click (click on her to see what her response is). You'll eventually figure out what is needed. Also be sure to click on the red heart next to her, to see another important clue.

    Hope this helps (and thanks to Mia, my original hinter, who made it possible for me to solve this)! :)

    UPDATE: The Post Pixie arrived today with a key to the Forest Lake area! <3

    I'm not sure whether you fixed this for me, or whether the problem fixed itself, but THANK YOU in any case.

    Also thanks to the lovely people who gifted bunnies to me! They are all now happily playing among the grass and clover in this new area. :)

    fkrauthan I'm not sure if this problem is related or not, but rather than starting another thread I'll post this here:

    By my calculations, the "invisible" Fireworks plant that matured that day was either the 40th or my 41st plant that I raised to maturity.

    Therefore, it seems that the Forest Lake area should have been unlocked at that point... but so far (even after another additional plant maturing since then) it has not.

    Could it be that the glitch with the Fireworks plant display also somehow caused the Forest Lake unlocking to fail to be triggered?

    I'll appreciate if you can look into this, and hopefully I will be able to access that area soon.

    Thanks so much for your help! :)

    Hello, it seems that we have a new Fireworks image display problem.

    This Fireworks just matured today:

    And there is no image displaying in its spot in my Greenhouse, on its own item page or in my Compendium, even with several forced refreshes of the page.

    Here's the wiki page for the type of fireworks that I think it is (since I have the other two types, and they are displaying correctly):…g?id=en%3Aspecial_flowers

    However, I see that all types of Fireworks are displaying in MiaSkywalker's Greenhouse:

    But not in mine. So maybe this problem only affects the Fireworks that recently matured?

    I hope this can be resolved soon.

    Thanks in advance for your help, and for all you do to keep Flowergame running so well!

    P.S. My Compendium is still also not displaying "variant 3" (the newest type from this year), even though that type IS displaying in my Greenhouse.

    Rjupa That's great! Was it from a seed you took from the Wild Garden, or from breeding your Lucky Clover to a regular Clover?

    MiaSkywalker Thanks for the info. I got one of the new types of Fireworks from a seed caught from the Wild Garden, though, so apparently it's possible to get a first-generation one.

    And speaking of Fireworks... The good news is that I think I got my wish for the kind of Fireworks that I was missing, because the (wild caught) one that just grew up is NOT DISPLAYING and the other two types are.

    If it's the type I didn't already have (which would make sense), that would be "variant 1" as listed on this Wiki page:…g?id=en%3Aspecial_flowers

    However, I notice that all three types are displaying just fine in Mia's Greenhouse, so this seems to be a problem that is affecting only a limited number of those items... perhaps only the ones that recently matured?

    I'm going to post about it in the Help thread and hope the admins will fix it soon. Does anyone else have this issue with recently matured Fireworks (of any type, but especially variant 1) not displaying?

    Thanks if anyone can shed more light on any of these questions!

    Alia all right, thanks for explaining that!

    So the only way to breed a new Lucky Clover would be to breed it with an ordinary Clover? I guess I'll just hope that one of my current seeds/sprouts (from the Wild Garden) turns into the new kind then.

    Thanks again!