Easter this year?

  • I had one that was behind an advertisement. I refreshed the page and noticed that it appeared first, then the ad over it. I refreshed a few times until it moved on the page so I could get it.

    So yes, it can be behind an ad. That makes it a little more difficult, unfortunately.

  • *sigh* Well I'm at 14 but I still can't find that last one. :| I switched from the list I was using to the one posted above. They are basically the same. I guess I'll come back later and hope the last one pops up for me.

    FINALLY! YAY! I'm so glad I finally found all of them. :thumbsup:

  • Well I got my second visit from the post pixie (I guess the eggs for the tree like in MiaSkywalker's atrium are from an earlier year or in a different packet newbies could get but I must have missed an Easter.)

    Never did manage to get the message 'This appears to be the last egg' though. Those things are good at hiding!

    I do like the new decorations a lot, though!

  • I would have liked some new decorations this year. I now have 5 of the same easter nests, two snow bunnies and two easter bouquets in a vase and two of the big easter arrangements. Especially those I'd only need once because there is only room for one. And some new pot variants would have been great too... :/

  • Yes, but all of that takes new artwork. At least this way newbies had a chance to get those decorations. :)

    Ewe, I'm not sure when I got that. It does look like an Easter egg decoration, but it MIGHT have been from something else. I just don't remember.

    Btw, I just want to remind everyone: There are two variants of bunnies that can't be found in the wild. They can only be gotten by breeding, and possibly the post pixie. (Not sure which of my seeds was the one from the post pixie, so it will be hard to tell.)

  • But it gets kinda boring for the longtime payers if you always only get the same thing... of course it takes new artwork and that's more work, and that's what keeps the game interesting.

    Which bunnies are breed only? Because I have all bunnies parentless as well as bred...

  • That's because the breed-only variants could be gotten by the post pixie the year they were released.

    As far as I can tell, these are the variants:

    I've got one each of those parentless, but those were the ones I got when they first came out. I'm not sure which variant we're getting via the post pixie; it might be the second of those, or it might be the flop eared bunny, since that was the last release.

    We've never actually done a parentless experiment with these, and if we did, we would have to not only exclude bunnies from previous years, but also the ones we get from the post pixie. That would make it very difficult, because almost no one keeps track of that. But if you go through people's gardens, you will find that both of them are very uncommon, particularly parentless.

    I think Exterminans might have confirmed that the first bunny is parentless, but we've never actually confirmed the second. Still, if you want to only get eggs from the wild, that's up to you. But don't be too surprised if you DON'T get any of those variants. :)

    As for new artwork, remember that our new artist only started recently! She probably hasn't had time to think of things like this. :)