Valentines 2017 <3

  • I see someone took your plant, Mags - were you able to get the package?

    The game is still running - thank goodness! And I finally figured it out, as you can see in my sig. Thanks for everyone's help - this thread was a big help with it!

  • I'm only getting bleeding hearts, too. If the breeding period is already over, it has NOT been a full week yet. I am very disappointed. I bred something like seven or eight different HoV plants with bleeding hearts, and got NO HoV seeds.

    I think it got turned off early. I can't even begin to express how sad this makes me.

    Edit: Finally got an HoV, but I'm still getting bleeding hearts, and now I can neither abandon NOR trash. This is frustrating. Fortunately I have a friend who has an open pot; I'm sending the bleeding heart seeds to her and SHE is abandoning. But this is very frustrating. I suggest that either the mechanic of being able to trash/abandon so few should be removed, or there should be a higher percentage of HoV to bleeding hearts (I got far more bhs than HoVs), or there should have been HoV seeds released to the wild like in previous years.

  • Niksun:
    Well, you could get one seed from the post pixie for completing the game to help the crying pixie (elf ? fairy ? whatever) that sits in your garden. And one seed for gifting away a plant at Valentine's. But I'm not sure how long the gifting-bonus was activated (or if it still is). If you did the game and helped the sad fairy find her letter and got a seed from the post for that already, and no additional post visit for gifting, then the gifting event may already have been turned off again when you gifted.

    Although that solution is based on the assumption that no-one else would pick up the HoV seed you just bred from the wild garden before you do.

  • How big do you think is the probability, that someone picks up this special seed within the 10 seconds, that you need to collect it?

    Well, it gets higher with every HoV that only produces Bleeding Heart offspring. ;)
    But I guess you have a point there. I'm too used to games with a lot more users online at any given moment.

    Adding to the breeding statistics: 4 more tries (HoV + BH) gave me two Bleeding Hearts (abandoned one) and two HoVs (finally). That's 2 out of 7 (or 8).

  • So you should use a more intelligent way of abandonning: First breed your seed, and if you got what you wanted then free a pot and pick your plant from the wild.

    (How many plants are you allowed to abandon?)

    Except that I did not KNOW there was a limit to trashing. If I had, I would have worked something else out. I also had no idea that my breeding success would be so incredibly awful.

    I have no idea how many total that I abandoned and/or trashed before I hit the limits. I know I ended up breeding every single one of my HoVs that I could, the limitation being how many Bleeding hearts I have. I ended up with four HoV seeds, and about four more got into the wild after I had gotten all that I could keep, the rest that auto-abandoned were bleeding hearts. Since I have 36 bleeding hearts I could use for breeding, that's a 4:1 ratio of bh:hov, which means only 20% of my breedings ended up with HoV seeds. You can decide if that's good or not, but I think it's terrible.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but has it always been random? I don't recall having this type of problem at all in past years. I'm thinking the mechanics have changed. That's always up to the admins, of course, but I'm disappointed by it all. I always liked dropping a bunch of HoV bred seeds into the wild at the end, but they would almost all be HoVs, very few of them would have been bleeding heart fails that no one is ever going to want.

    Also, every single one of the HoVs that auto-abandoned were picked up within minutes. I checked, out of curiosity, two or three minutes later, and was surprised to see all of them already taken. So, even your few seconds might have been long enough to lose them to someone else. Had I thought of it. Which I didn't, because I had no idea to expect the trash limit.

  • If you're so unhappy not having enough valentines, so you can choose from my garden. I don't have the newest variant, but you could take a seed or a sprout and try to grow one. Just let me know which you would like to have.

    And don't forget: It's just a game! (And it's the same for all of us.)

  • No, I was just frustrated at the difficulties I had because of the abandon/trash limitation. I was on the verge of tears when I encountered it, so a friend of mine - who made a garden and then never bothered with it afterwards - told me to send it to her. It also got her finally taking care of her garden again, so maybe some good has actually come from it. :)

    I really feel sorry for people who are newer, and didn't even have any HoVs to begin breeding with. I remember breeding BHs with BHs the first year I was here, and getting some HoVs that way. I'm betting the percentages for THOSE pairings was absolutely horrendous this year, if the HoV/BH pairing is so bad. That's one reason I wanted to drop extras into the wild, and why I have always done so in the past. I am sad that fewer than in past years got to grab those seeds.