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  • I am so happy you changed your avatar! And that is the one I liked the best - thought it "fits" better with the original picture, you know? :D

  • Nothing on your "About Me" section. =(

  • Very nice choice of this avatar! I like it so much. xD

    • Thank you ! I had a hard time choosing an avatar, but when truelinor prodded me about it I decided it was high time I came to a decision. So I went for a Fleur-de-Lis, and this one was the nicest picture I could find in the net. :-)

    • Love it! Thanks - it just feels like you are here to stay now. :D

    • Not to mention how well the colors go with the forum's colors! :D

  • After reading several of your interesting and fun posts, I thought for sure your "About Me" page would have some read-worthy information on it, but alas! it did not. :(

    • I would really like it if you had a avatar. :D

    • *an avatar, not "a" avatar. Sorry about that - I'm trying to type while lying down. Not my strong suit!

    • Plus my fingernails are REALLY getting too long - I need to cut them! I think I'll go take a break and go do that now! :D

    • Oh, well, yes... You are right there, my profile page is woefully lacking. I must confess, my online-game-time is quite filled up with some other titles that I already played when starting here (DragonCave being the most prominent among them). I stumbled upon this one when there was a lull in the other games, and thought it would be a nice thing to do on the sidelines, since it is quite tranquil and doesn't need that much time each day to keep up with everything. Under that premise, I didn't even want to bother the community here, but the experiments kind of lured me in, and so I couldn't resist posting. ;-) As for an avatar - I thought about it, too, but couldn't decide on one, so the place is still vacant.

  • Hi there! Welcome to the Flowergame Forum! Hope you like it here! :D