The future of Flowergame / Die Zukunft von Flowergame

  • Unfortunately our quest to find a new graphic designer to support the game failed :( We are going to run this game as long as we have a user base and the advertising revenue is paying for the server. But we most likely have to pull the plug at one point if there is no miracle and a talented graphic designer comes our way and is going to work with us on this unique game for free (we all work on this for free and don't make any money).

    So if you know anyone that might be interested in helping us out tell them to send me a message in this board.

    Since we don't have a new graphic person we are going to use the old event games and can't publish any new flowers anymore. Thank you all for playing and I hope you still find pleasure in just rearranging the garden and sharing your flowers with the Community.


    Leider ist unsere suche nach einem Grafiker/eine Grafikerin gescheitert :( Wir lassen das Spiel noch so lange laufen, solange dass wir die entsprechende Anzahl Spieler haben und die Werbe einnahmen die Server kosten decken. Leider werden wir aber wohl irgendwann den stecker ziehen muessen, sollte kein wunder geschehen und wir einen talentierte neue Grafikerin/neuen Grafiker finden der kostenlos uns hilft dieses einzigartige Spiel weiter zu betreiben (Alle am spiel beteiligten arbeiten daran kostenlos und verdienen kein Geld mit Flowergame).

    Solltet ihr also jemanden kennen der bei uns einsteigen will soll mir bitte eine Nachricht in diesem Forum schicken.

    Da wir leider keine neuen Grafiken produzieren koennen werden wir die alten Event Spiele verwenden fuer die spezialtage. Es wird auch keine neuen Blumen oder Varianten mehr geben. Danke an alle fuers Spielen und ich hoffe das Ihr alle nach wie vor noch spass habt euren Graten einzurichten und eure Blumen mit der Community zu teilen.

  • Thank you fkrauthan, I really enjoy Flowergame and I really hope a new artist is found, but until that time, I really enjoy the old event games and flowers that are on here. I come here every day and keep collecting flowers and enjoy the friends that are here. There is no other site like this one and that makes it unique. Thank you for sharing this little space on the net with so many of us. :)

  • This is my favorite web-based game, and I would be very sad if it ended. I wish I could offer my services, but I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. I hope you can get someone, and if not, at least I hope that the website stays up, even if we get no new flowers.


    My Garden - My Dragon Cave Scroll

  • Thank you for trying to keep the game alive. Did you try asking for volunteers on the Dragon Cave forum? There are a lot of talented people there. Here is a thread for requesting artists, the first post clearly states "This thread may also be used to advertise for needing artists for a site you are creating/working on." so it's not against the rules.
    Tales of Ostlea is much newer and smaller, but also has some very talented members. Here is the creativity subforum, not sure what the rules about advertising for other games is (but Gryffi is very nice, she probably won't mind).

    On forum hiatus due to new job (but I'm still playing), may still be found on Dragon Cave forum.

  • Sad news, but I still hope you will find a graphic artist to join you. I can't believe there is not a single talented person among up who would like to work on the game! And I agree with dustpuppy that it would be a good idea to post messages to other adoptable sites, especiallly DC, they have lots of great spriters.
    Thank you for all your work and for keeping Flowergame alive for the time being!

  • Thank you fkrauthan for trying to keep this wonderful game going. I sincerely appreciate it!

    I am still lacking a lot of flowers so I will continue to be busy for awhile. Still, I'd dearly love to have new plants and flowers as well. If it comes down to not being able to find any new artist, would it be proper or possible to ask if those of us newer players that have missed previous extras be allowed to have a way to get them? At least that way we would be allowed to get everything that has ever been made in the game.

    Thanks for your continued dedication! <3

  • Echoing everyone... I have close to no experience with pixels/spriting, otherwise I would love to help... but I'm sure a capable new artist can be found soon. Flowergame will continue to thrive. The site is fun as-is, but new flowers and plants are always quite exciting. :) In any event, thank you :)

  • I just got a message on the ToO forum by a user named Yokai90 who is interested in helping! :D
    I told them to contact fkrauthan directly. Fingers crossed!

    On forum hiatus due to new job (but I'm still playing), may still be found on Dragon Cave forum.

  • A more detailed description of what we are looking for in an artists style, in order to properly blend in with the existing artwork:

    When creating a new plant for Flowergame, we always tried to capture as many details characteristic to a species as possible. Curvature and thickness of the stem, shape of the visible parts of the roots, attachment point of the leaves, number and position of flowers, texture of the surface (smooth, hairy/fuzzy, edgy etc.), the pattern of the stem, leafs and petals, as well as somewhat common scale for fully grown stages of all plants. (Plants which exceed this scale have been left out so far, they were planed for a future modification to the system with increased graphic size limits. Plants which exceed the scale only slightly have their stems shortened first, followed by having the leaves and flowers scaled down slightly.) Seeds are always scaled up to make best use of the 50x50px. For each germling, there is an uniquely designed pot matching specifically the sprout. The sprouts are not to scale either.

    The graphics themselves consist completely of tiny, free drawn, organic shapes without(!) outlines. The different parts of the plant, especially when nearly in the same color, are solely differentiated from each other by the use of soft and hard shadows, as well as sparingly used highlights. If highlights are required, the light comes from the top left behind the camera. Plants don't cast shadows onto the background. If required, the roots may contain a tiny piece of dirt, moss or gras piling up on the stem.

    The graphics make use of the full color palette. Typically, you won't see the precise same color twice on the same plant. Larger areas only featuring a single color or a smooth gradient, respectively shadows and hightlights in general, are being given a hatching / crosshatching effect, oriented on the bottom left to top right diagonal. The use of alpha channel for antialiased edges is encouraged. Typically, all plant start out from non-shaded, colored parts which are then overdrawn pixel-wise with non-opaque, pressure sensitive brushes.