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  • I just thought I would let you know - every single one of the holiday variants you need is a bred-only variant. I would suggest that the next few holidays, you focus on breeding your current plants, and not picking up wild seeds. That's the only way you will get those variants.

    • ok, thank you :D

    • Just remember that you aren't *guaranteed* a bred-only variant if you breed. :) You can try trading, but many people won't trade those away, because they're harder to get. One option is to trade a bred-only from one holiday for a bred-only from another holiday. If someone missed a holiday, occasionally they're willing to do this.

    • Yep I just noticed yesterday that we could still breed christmas trees/etc...so I'm doing that now :) I thought the events were over. It's hard to tell here.

  • Welcome to the Flowergame Forum! I hope you enjoy it here! :D