Weihnachten / Christmas 2013

  • I just saw her ... she is soooo cute!!! :love: Thank you!

    I also love the new x-mas-star and the new design ... big thanks to the team for the wonderfull presents! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Forester: The wreath in the egg in your Atrium looks really cool!!! Nice idea! :thumbup:

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    Flowergame-Name: Sahra - - - - - - - - ---- -- Please help them growing/Bitte hilf ihnen zu wachsen
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  • love the new pixie! saw her earlier today.

    finally got the burning christmas tree this year. i think it took me 3 years.

    got the new christmas star. i think i like it.

    have a couple christmas wreaths to grow up yet but hoping for the gingerbread house. got the new candle one.

    none of the lucky clovers are grown up yet. got two that have "hatched" and 4 that are still seeds. hoping to get lucky there. i guess i didn't breed any for that.

    my luck seems to be particularly bad with the new halloween tree stump (got one new one but still have question mark), jackolanterns (got new one but still have a question mark, have seen 2 variants i don't have), easter bunnies and the special toadstool thing (i forget the event).

    thanks for the event. i have no complaints except i also wish that the new variants had a better chance. (not just for this event but others as well)

    also i love the "new" wood blewit mushroom. not sure how long it has been in the garden, i picked one up at the beginning of the christmas party.

    sorry this got so long but i don't post much here.

  • /Lorell
    Thanks! It's rly fun when I concerned with how put the things to make it better together
    And you said like that It worth Yay :thumbup:
    Yes burning tree is so rare so I think you must get more chance from trading ;)
    I haven't burning tree as gift but some other things you looking for it's remain
    Check the PM pls

  • For those who want bred Christmas trees (for the burning tree or the palm), I just dropped 17 bred seeds into the wild. It looks like breeding is still available, even though I only saw a couple of wild Christmas seeds, and I think they were leftovers. (Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of breeding and finding seeds, I thought.)

    I would suggest that anyone who has trees and doesn't want to breed them for themselves, to breed them for those who need them and just let the seeds go to the wild. There are people - particularly new players - who might like those seeds! :)

  • sorry Forester. i went afk for a couple days. i don't log into the forum very often.

    excited to say i got the gingerbread house and i love it. so got both new ones there!

    and got the new lucky clover with the ladder in it. kind of like that one too.