Christmas Plants in the Wild Garden Now

  • The Christmas Trees and Wreaths will stick around in the WG for most of December and are both breedable like regular plants, but if memory serves Christmas Stars aren't found there. They must be bred for by Poinsettia x Christmas Tree unless you already have some from previous years to breed to each other. Poinsettias are around all year long--they are regular plants and are breedable with each other all year, but only during the season can you breed them with Christmas Trees to get Christmas Stars.

    So if this is your first year, you have to grow Christmas Trees to breed to Poinsettias to get Christmas Stars, so it takes 8-10 days for your first crop of Stars to be grown and 4-5 more for any bred Stars to grow up. If you have Stars already, you can just breed them to each other, so it's much shorter.

    The Lucky Clovers only last a couple days right about New Year's Eve. Plan for that. I think the Fireworks are around when the Lucky Clovers are, but they might persist a few days further into the New Year (I'm not sure). Snatch both of these when you see them. Plan to have empty pots, you'll only get one round.

    New round of plants soon, I hope. Not putting holiday ones in here, as I have several gift links on the forum.

  • Oh, yeah. You're right. I just saw "breed" on the stars page while refreshing my memory of several years ago and thought they were breedable with each other. I remember now that this was one of the frustrations of Christmas breeding: having enough poinsettias to breed all the trees and all the stars with to get more stars. Sorry. Everyone remember to collect poinsettias in the off season so you have enough to breed with.

    You can breed trees with trees, though it says in the wiki they only breed to poinsettias, which was the impetus to post this that you can breed trees to each other. Perhaps the entry is misplaced and was meant to be for the stars instead of the trees.

    New round of plants soon, I hope. Not putting holiday ones in here, as I have several gift links on the forum.

  • I guess I'm an old woman with a bad memory. Or things have changed in 8 years. I'll go away and play with my plants now. I'm ashamed to have even posted this.

    New round of plants soon, I hope. Not putting holiday ones in here, as I have several gift links on the forum.

  • On the contrary - you have far more info than I have and I had no idea they would appear so early - so if you hadn't posted.... I'm just trying to keep the wiki on track. I didn't know a lot of what you said so went to mine to test; I'd have had no idea otherwise, and would have floundered - as I did over Valentines. Please carry on posting ! We newbies need you.


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  • Of these three varieties, I have only bred ones in my inventory. Doesn't mean they aren't in the WG, though, but mine are all bred. All other varieties were available in the wild garden. I don't know, however, about the latest, as I don't have any yet.

    This is the first time in my memory that seeds have been available this early. Usually they would show up on Christmas Day or so and be up for maybe at best a week. Really nice to have some time to work on the holes in my garden!

  • If those 3 Christmas Stars are bred, it would explain why I haven't gotten them yet! I have 16 Christmas Stars so far from previous years, and none of them are the 3 CoffeeActivated posted...

    What about everyone else?? I wonder if we can confirm it!

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  • I just went through the pedigrees of my Christmas Stars. Three had no parents (from 2018, 2019), the rest were mostly bred either between Stars and Christmas trees, or Stars and Pointsettas.

    Since I am full up with seedlings right now, if I breed a bunch and they should be kicked to the WildGarden. Give stuff for people to try for.

    OK, I was wrong about the Stars and Trees when I tried that. So I bred Trees with the 14 Poinsettias, and got a Christmas Star every time, all of them kicked to the WG. Good luck in picking them up.

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