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    This a great question! I used to not mind the snow-catching game at first, but it's started to make me a little motion sick, so I click away from it now before it loads (it's the only one that hesitates loading, so I know which one it is!). I also avoid the hidden object one because it takes me too long to find all the objects, and I want to save a bit of time so I can water plants faster. The timed clicking game where the plants are in a circle is also a bit too anxiety-inducing for me on some days! But other days I give it a try.

    My favorite games are definitely: The stepping stone one where you find a path from one fairy to the other ^^ I enjoy that a lot, as well as the Concentration-esque game where you flip over the cards, even though it's simple! It and the stepping-stone game are the only two I never skip! I really like the match-3 game too, but sometimes it goes a bit long and I don't have time for it if I'm just popping in quick!

    I took a break from trying to get one, then just recently bred another pair of Dandelions while my first batch of 3 Winter Daphnes were growing up... and FINALLY I got a biting Dandelion! For me it took having around 33 Dandelions (bred and wild) before a biting one showed up! But I'm so excited it finally worked!! If anyone else is having a hard time getting one, keep trying and breed different pairs, it'll show up eventually!

    Seeds are the first stage of the plant when we first breed them or pick them up from the Wild Garden; sprouts are the second stage when they change after watering them for several days. Seeds are limited to 4, but once they grow into sprouts, you can have more than 4. I've had 5 or 6 sprouts at once before without earning any extra pots. I'm not sure if you can have an unlimited number though!

    I ended up getting a couple new Jack-o-Lanterns this year! One breed-only and one new one. I'll be hoping to get the last 2 next year!

    Thanks also to everyone who answered in this thread, it was fun to see the different types of plants other players were aiming for this Halloween. I'll have to try to get more Audreys another year :)

    I was also able to get 8 plants this year. I must've grabbed my second batch just early enough!

    I'm also very excited I got another breed-only Jack-o-lantern! :) Hopefully my last bred Jack-o-lantern for this year will grow into the one with the witch hat!

    How has everyone else's luck been so far? Have your Halloween plants grown up yet?

    I'm up to 30 Dandelions in my garden but haven't gotten a biting one yet, wow! After all this time, it's going to really shock me when I finally see one of my sprouts grow into one, haha. Is anyone else still working on getting one?

    I grew 18 so far and nothing for me either. Does the first Biting Dandelion you get come from breeding, or from the Wild Garden, or can it be either? I've been breeding mine once I grew 15 from the Wild Garden. Is that the wrong way? Or is it random chance and we have to keep waiting?

    Checking the wiki page for Regular Plants, I noticed that my Indian Chrysanthemum isn't the one listed! So there are at least 2 colors! Here's mine if you'd like to add this color to the page:

    The one on the wiki page is red. I wonder if anyone has a different one than these two? :)

    Great news!! Even if the new content is slow, this is exciting :) I got the new seed and can't wait to see what it looks like as it grows!

    Once I budget my money for the new month, I'll see if I'm able to contribute right away. If not, I will as soon as I'm able. I truly enjoy the pace and atmosphere of this game and would like to support it!

    In real life, I like the flowers that come in many different colors, like roses or tulips :) I also find it interesting that many herbs can flower, too, like mint and thyme!

    On flowergame, I like Arum Lily, Bleeding Heart, and Crocus :) Although the plant I was most excited to get when I started playing was the Pumpkin!