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    In real life, I like the flowers that come in many different colors, like roses or tulips :) I also find it interesting that many herbs can flower, too, like mint and thyme!

    On flowergame, I like Arum Lily, Bleeding Heart, and Crocus :) Although the plant I was most excited to get when I started playing was the Pumpkin!

    I'd call the community "lightly" active, if that makes sense. Someone always makes a post when special/holiday plants start dropping, and people still give away plants sometimes and answer other player's questions about the hows and whys of the game.

    I think it'd be great if there was a little more activity, but some of us are here! The forum could probably use some new people like you replying to and making posts :)

    Thank you so much! I think the breed-only variants listed for Bellflower are currently off, though. Pink and White are (supposedly) the breed-only ones, and the wiki says "Variants 2 and 3 are breed only" but that matches with the Blue and White images right now. With the current order of the images, I believe it should say Variants 3 and 4?

    Thanks for your work on updating the wiki, fuzzbucket! So helpful to all of us fellow players :)

    From page 33 of the "Collectingthread for all Planttypes/Colors" thread, here are some more plants that are missing now that you added the new Audrey II:

    1) a breed-only variant of the Christmas Tree:


    2) for Regular plants, the Bellflower (Campanula):

    Purple Bellflower:

    Pink Bellflower:

    White Bellflower:

    (Pink and White are likely to be breed-only, according to the page on that thread!)

    I just realized that I caught an Easter Egg from the Wild Garden last year that isn't on the Special Flowers page in the wiki:

    This seed was bred by another player, so it might be a breed-only variant?

    Side Note: There are several plants we were all discussing on page 33 of this thread that never got added to the wiki, like Bellflower, an Audrey II, and a Christmas Tree. I thought those editing the wiki these days might want to be made aware of that!

    You can have any number of sprouts, but only ever can have 4 seeds from the wild garden/breeding. So let's say you do this: You have 4 seeds and they grow to sprouts, then you pick up 4 more seeds from the garden, but you stop watering the sprouts. So your sprouts don't grow up. You keep watering the seeds, though, and they grow into more sprouts. Now you have 8 sprouts, even though you only picked up 4 seeds at a time.

    Hopefully that made sense!

    I picked up a few of the Christmas Cactus because of this thread! Thank you!

    Wow, Poinsettias appear year-round?? I've never seen any in the Wild Garden except a few that were bred (so the few I've seen all had parents, rather than being parent-less). Can anyone who's reading this confirm they've seen a Poinsettia with no parents in the Wild Garden within the past couple years? I've spent time hunting for them before and saw nothing...

    I asked last year how to get Poinsettias or if ones without parents are even available anymore without breeding them, but no one ever answered. Does anyone have the answer to this and fuzzbucket's question about the Christmas Cactus??

    Sorry about that I thought we had them registered in our new Season system. They are now available for ~1month.

    Thank you! Can I ask, what time of year will the Marvel Ferns show up at in the future? Will it be July as Trillian mentioned, or August to match this year's release?

    Ooh, thank you for posting those! I don't remember seeing that first one before, the one with the two hats! I like it! :) Until now, I only had one Witch Mushroom (the snail one, because someone here on the forums gave it away) so I'm just hoping one of my seeds will grow into any of the witch hat ones, since I like them all.