What's this thing about snails

  • I was reading through the posts regarding snails and am not sure if they are a good thing or bad thing.

    I read that if you use the 'cup of water' option then you get snails and if you keep your plants fully watered then it affects the frequency of the snails.

    So..how does this snail thing work? Are they good, bad..edible?

  • As long as your gardens are fully watered and all the clouds gone from the sun, you'll have the snail option. If you have too many clouds or your plants need watering, you'll generally get those options instead.

    As Alia said, the main purpose is to speed up plant growth. They come approximately every 24 hours, and your plants will grow in slightly over 4 days normally (if you don't pick off the snails), so they lower the plant growth time to slightly under 4 days.

    At least that's what the admins told us when they implemented the mechanic into the game. :)

    If you instead use the free option to water that plant, you lose the chance to pick off a snail, which means you won't be able to get the little bump of four hours' growth. I try to remember to save the free option at the top for the snail, for that reason.

    A cooking choice might be interesting, but the question is, what would we be able to do with it? :) Perhaps turn it into fertilizer? We've never had a fertilize option in the game... although I'm not entirely sure I'd want them to add one, if it adds too much to the complexity.