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    We where at some point looking into bigger plants. The problem is that our current system doesn't really allow different size images and it would be sad to have trees for example just as a small graphic. We will defiantly look further into how we can add this at some point in the future.

    I see...well, that's unfortunate. Maybe someday..thanks for listening though.

    So I was thinking that maybe some flowering shrubs and trees would spice things up a bit.

    Like maybe some Flowering Almond, Forsythia, Magnolia, Lilac, Elderberry...stuff like that.

    I know this is a "Flower Game" but thought that maybe some other flowering plants would be kinda cool.

    Just a thought maybe for the future (or an off-shoot game..)

    Just running it by 'cause I like trees and some trees or even dwarf varieties can spice up things..especially the Winter Atrium...:whistling:

    At the risk of sound really stupid I need to ask how you breed the plants? Where do you go? :/

    Do the plants you breed have to be the exact same species too?

    Sorry if this was already addressed. :whistling:


    Usually if I open one plant I either have to click the 'Back' Button on the browser or open several plants in separate tabs (which isn't a big deal, really) so having a small "Next" button to go onto the next plant would be kinda nice is not an absolute necessity.

    It is really a matter of convenience, I suppose.

    You'd think one could do something with the snails you pick up like..using them in a koi pond or use them as pest control in the garden.

    Hmmm...maybe that would be a suggestion; to have a garden for water plants.

    I was reading through the posts regarding snails and am not sure if they are a good thing or bad thing.

    I read that if you use the 'cup of water' option then you get snails and if you keep your plants fully watered then it affects the frequency of the snails. does this snail thing work? Are they good, bad..edible?

    I just had a tiny idea and that was to add a 'Next' button or something so when you are in a greenhouse you can click "Next" rather than opening up all the plants in separate tabs (like I do in FireFox).

    I mean, it's just a passing thought really and it needn't even be a button per se but maybe a little arrow to press to go to the next plant.

    I don't mind, really, opening up plants in tabs but just thought it would be a nice addition.'s an idea. :whistling:

    Well..I don't have a garden yet. With no real gae guide I surmise that I have to wait until my plants bloom and I am hoping that along with the three I was gifted I can get a garden but I don't know how many plants I need until I can have an actual garden. I am eager to grow more as I seen some really nice seeds.

    Well...for one I was wondering just how much fun would a plant game actually be but now I know and second this site seems kind of...deserted, sort of and was worried that I may have joined a dead site but now I see it is not exactly dead.

    Thanks <3

    So far I am liking this though I wish my plants would grow faster so I can nab some more awesome seeds.

    Once I get a garden going I want to plant herbs too. :thumbsup:


    I just joined yesterday when I heard about this site on Tales of Ostlea and other sites.

    I have to admit that at first I was bit skeptical but now I really like this site and enjoy the pixie games too.

    So..nice to be here.

    P.S: I did not see any 'Introduction' thread so if I inadvertently offended anyone or did something wrong, please forgive me ^^