• Hello

    I just joined yesterday when I heard about this site on Tales of Ostlea and other sites.

    I have to admit that at first I was bit skeptical but now I really like this site and enjoy the pixie games too.

    So..nice to be here.

    P.S: I did not see any 'Introduction' thread so if I inadvertently offended anyone or did something wrong, please forgive me ^^

  • Well...for one I was wondering just how much fun would a plant game actually be but now I know and second this site seems kind of...deserted, sort of and was worried that I may have joined a dead site but now I see it is not exactly dead.

  • Yes, you will eventually get several gardens (An Atrium, a Winter Garden, and a Forest Lake) that you can decorate with your various flowers and plants, which includes special "plants", such as the bunnies we get for Easter.

    As I recall, you earn them one by one just by growing enough plants in your regular garden. There are also special decorations you can get for those gardens from games that they sometimes post during the holidays. We haven't seen very many of those special events the past year, due to various things going on in the world, but maybe the admins will bring one or two back soon.

  • :) Haha! Yes, the site seems a bit deserted but it's just because people are not as chatty as they were back when many players were active. And I don't chat much if people don't initiate first. Glad you like the game so far. There are minigames and gardens that you can decorate like what Mia said.

    There used to be events too during holidays. But they somehow lessen as the game organisers get too busy. ^_^ Hoping for future holiday events!

  • Well..I don't have a garden yet. With no real gae guide I surmise that I have to wait until my plants bloom and I am hoping that along with the three I was gifted I can get a garden but I don't know how many plants I need until I can have an actual garden. I am eager to grow more as I seen some really nice seeds.

  • Based on experience, plants grow from seeds to sprout in four days. And to adult in also four days. That's with water daily and getting rid of snails.

    I cannot remember when I started having the Atrium. The post pixie just sent me the ky to my very own Atrium, Winter Garden, and after more time, the Forest Lake. :)