Flowergame Secret Santa - sign up closed

  • Please indicate which gifting option you'd prefer 15

    1. not-so-secret (8) 53%
    2. super secret (5) 33%
    3. super secret, and I want to volunteer (2) 13%

    Over in the Dragon Cave thread, LadyNova suggested a Secret Santa and I love that idea. :D

    Here is how I think it could work:


    - You post here to sign up, and also make sure to let us know if you're away over the holidays (in that case your secret Santa will have to send the gift link some other time, or it'll expire).
    - In a week or so I'll post "closed" where it says "open" now and I'll pair everyone off and send out the names (if there's an odd number of participants, I'll participate, otherwise not).


    not-so-secret option:
    - on december 25th (or later/sooner if they specified they aren't there), you send a PM with a gift link and a little message to your giftee. PRO: everyone will get their gift and know whom to thank CON: it's not secret

    super-secret option:
    - on december 25th you send ME (and maybe a volunteer) the link and message and I/we will send it on to your giftee. PRO: it's super secret CON: I may not be able to send messages that come in too late as I'm going away on the 26th (I will have internet access later, and if there are volunteers this may not be a problem anyway)

    What do you think? :D


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  • All options look good to me! Just count me in <3

    Btw I'll be travelling around to France and Italy this Christmas but I can always access to Internet so it won't be a big issue :) I'll be back on 28th Dec. It's just a little bit tricky when counting time differences in...

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  • Count me in!
    BTW, I don't understand the difference between secret and not so secret. People will always know who the gift is from because the seed collector appears on the plant page. Or am I missing something?

    Oh, and can we do the same with dragons? 8o

  • You're right, but you could choose not to look (but if you get a PM you can't not see who sent it).

    A DC Secret Santa seems more difficult since people will probably be egg locked, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. :D

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  • I would say that if someone isn't going to be around, they should send their gift link(s) the last day they ARE around. Dust puppy can just send those a day or two earlier if need be.

    Or... the SS could give the link to Dust puppy, Dust puppy could take the gift and then re-gift it to the proper giftee with new links. I don't know if that would be the intent, but it's something that could be worked out.

    Looks like "not so secret" is winning in the poll, though, so maybe we'll be giving the gifts directly. In which case the point will be moot. :)


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  • So far no one has mentioned not being there on the 25th. But if someone wants to sign up who leaves before the 24th, of course we can do it the way MiaSkywalker suggested. :)

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