• I want to run something by all of you - you know how we found out that you could click on the middle flower to get another choice faster? (In the circle-match game?) Well, for the past four times I've played, I've noticed that if I click the middle flower to change it out and I have two flowers left, after I get one of them, the very following flower has ALWAYS been the remaining flower! Double save! :D

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  • I've sort of noticed that as well. It's not ALWAYS the last one you need, but fairly frequently it is. I suspect that the final flowers may come up more frequently anyway, although I could be wrong. Depends upon how they have the algorithm for the game set up.


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  • Maybe they will come along and let us know.

    EDIT: OK, it's not every time, that's for sure - I've had it show different plants several times now, so that four times in a row must have been a fluke or something.

    Also, just wanted to let all the Pipe game lovers know that I have tried my hand at the game again since there seem to be so many people saying they liked it and I've been able to complete more of them than ever before and so now I guess I sort of like it too! :D I should take it off the "Never play" list, that's for sure!

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  • I have been noticing that the “Pipes” game has been, for lack of a better word, updated.

    As someone upthread had mentioned, there were lots of repeats of the pipe patterns. But in the last week or so, I have seen a lot of new pipe patterns.

    My thanks to the admins, and game designers.

    1124245.png     1124164.png1126369.png   1126902.png          1128125.png     1127252.png      1126809.png