Allowing users to make plants?

  • I feel like allowing users to make new plants will make this site more exciting. Something similar to what many adoptables sites are doing, as it would put less strain on one spriter and it would allow more involvement from members. Still not too sure why this isn't the case though. It'd be nice!

  • There are multiple reasons for that.

    1.) We as browsergame provider would have to audit all submissions to prevent illegal images and copyright violations
    2.) At Flowergame we try to keep a consistent art style thru-out the game. Which will be harder to enforce if we allow user plants.
    3.) So far no one showed interest in something like that.

    having said all this. If you are a talented spriter and would like to help making some flowers for Flowergame feel free to reach out to me via a PM and we can talk about details there.

  • Sadly, I'm not a great spriter. I'm just learning how to sprite right now and tying to figure out shading. There may be other people who can do such sprites or have ideas for new flowers, but I don't know.

  • Hey, sorry for the late reply.
    Apart from the reasons above I like the idea. If there are players who would like to create plants Flowergame style, I sure don't mind and am willing to give some advice foo. Just contact us.
    And if you have any questions about spriting itself Draco, please PM me and I'll try to help you. ;-)