"Freezing" Flowers?

  • I was thinking... there could be an item or something that could stop flower growth at a certain stage. The plant would no longer take up a growing spot and could be placed in the Atrium, Wintergarden, or Forest Lake. There are just some plants that I really like as seedlings or in their growing stage!

    The Witch Mushroom is a great example, since its seedling stage is a broomstick and the growing stage is a cauldron, I would love to have those images stick around and be able to be placed in my atrium. The plant could be "frozen" at its other stages using either an item or just a button on the plant's page.

    Not sure if this has been suggested before, but if it was at all possible, I'd love that ability! (If it is possible and I somehow didn't figure out how yet, let me know! ^^

  • Hello Kross!
    Thanks for the input. It's a nice idea and we do not have this option at the Moment.
    I am not sure if it has been suggested before or if we will introduce this to Flowergame.
    We are planing other things at the moment but keep it in mind.