• Tis Hallowe'en
    the lamp is lite
    and round the campfire children sit
    telling ghost stories bit by bit
    till sister Jane says "Hush"

    I remember this song from childhood, which is a very, very long time ago, there is more but really just wanted to know if anyone, who doesn't have one would like

    please email me, if you don't have one

  • Also waiting for Halloween i prepared my garden and have space for new seeds. I filled all slots in my Atrium, Wintergarden and Forest Lake... No post and nothing new to see and the Halloween plants are not able to breed...

    Warte ebenfalls auf Halloween ich habe meinen Garten vorbereite und Platz gelassen für Samen. Alle Plätze im Atrium, Wintergarten und Waldsee sind gefüllt... Keine Post und nichts Neues zu sehen und die Halloweenplanzen können auch nicht gezüchtet werden...


  • Aww, I was hoping to see a bunch of new plants - for the holidays and every day too. I took inventory of my stock in my compendium and am missing some - will post about that some other place.

    Too bad they didn't get around to making a new Halloween plant - it would have been nice to see what they would have come up with! :D

    I hope something comes for Christmas!!!

  • Hi,

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I missed last year’s Halloween event, (not being active yet), so I was wondering how early or late the dropping of Halloween plants begins.

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  • I have been checking, my Halloween pumpkins aren’t available to breed, my regular pumpkins only offer to breed to other regular pumpkins, and my Venus-flytrap also not available to breed.

    Just curious as to when I can breed.

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  • Yeah, it never started last year, and it looks like the admins forgot about it again this year. It's too bad. Sadly, this affects new players more than it does for those of us who have been here for several years.

  • Oh, good. I'll drop a bunch of bred ones into the garden, in that case. There are some variants that can only be obtained through breeding, so this will be a way for newcomers to the game to have a chance at them. :)

    ETA: I just bred four jacks with pumpkins, and every single seed that dropped was a pumpkin seed. Has the breeding ability been turned on properly? I seem to recall that we ran into a similar problem with this last year, where all we could breed were pumpkins and no jacks. We also had this problem with Marvel ferns this summer. This really keeps newcomers from being able to get all of the variants, so the admins might want to look into this.

  • Looking at the wiki for the “Special” flowers, it lists the Audrey II as a Halloween event plant. I am so hoping that at least a few get dropped for Halloween.

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