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  • Welcome to the forum and welcome back to the game! Also congratulations on getting a degree (even that was last year).

    • Thank you very much for the warm welcome, Shelybear! :D I am happy to be back and excited to be playing! Thank you also for the congratulations. I hope that you have a nice rest of the weekend! :D

  • Welcome to the Flowergame Forum! Sounds like you've been busy! (Just read two threads you were on! :) )

    • Thank you for the warm welcome! ! :D Yes, I suppose I have been a little, but I really like this place. I never took the time to look through the forums and such before, so glad I found it! Hope you have a lovely day! :D

    • This is my favorite forum - not just for content, which I understand to be "king" on the 'net, but I just love the way this forum functions - it's look and just the way things appear when you mouse over - things like that. Of course, those were the very things I couldn't figure out when they first changed us over to this new forum! lol :D

    • That is great!I have noticed that about the forum too! It is so nice that they have all those options. I have been on a lot of forums, and this one is very nice. :D

  • Welcome to Flower Game!

  • Hello and welcome <3