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  • Just a quick question about your avie - is that a caricature of your picture?

    • yes. i forgot the name of the app (is an iphone app) that you can create an avatar of yourself (you choose the shapes). I then took it to GIMP and added my silver streak. :D I love aging.

    • Oh, I did my own one time in Paint Shop Pro. I've used GIMP before, but love PSP. It's cool - I like the green background. My hair is about the same length right now. :D

  • Welcome to the Flowergame Forum! I see you're from Hawaii - my daughter lived there for a couple of years right after she graduated from college. I am SO glad she did - I probably never would have made it there had she not! :D Beautiful place! Aloha! :D

  • Hello and welcome <3

  • Hello and Welcomeeeeee <3

  • Preparing to redo my flower garden - irl!