Treasure Hunt

  • I see the treasure hunt area, I just signed up today, and I clicked through the intro slideshow. But what exactly am I supposed to do with it? xD I've been clicking around the area and just can't figured out what to do. I'm assuming I'm supposed to repair the bridge but I can't find a way to do that?

    Sorry I'm so lost ^.^;;

  • Welcome, Apothecaria !

    Yes, the Treasure Hunt has some not-so-intuitive parts in it, the crossing of the river being the worst of it (in my opinion).
    I'll give you a start, if you get stuck once more, just ask again.
    1. Click the big tree on the left, then click yourself through the dialogue between raven and magpie - it tells you to talk to the magpie, so click at her
    2. She'll want something glittery. Pick up the bag under the tree and see what's inside.

    3. Give the magpie what she wants by clicking on her, then listen to her advice. And to the raven's after that. He'll want something.

    4. Click the raven again to give him what he wants and listen to his (quite obvious) advice.
    5. Click the castle. Then the bridge. Then the barrel. And then the stuff lying around that you deem useful. The exact sequence is the key here, because for some bizarre reason you don't get to pick up the things if you click on them first.
    Then be on your merry way, and let me know if you need further help. ;)

    And on a completely different note: Shouldn't the translation of the texts be revised ? I always played this in German, but went to English to get the right vocabulary for my advice. Some things are just plain wrong. For example the German "vielleicht/eventuell" (meaning "perhaps/maybe/possibly") was translated into "eventually" (which sounds a little like the German "eventuell", but means "over time/at some point in the future")... Which could be a little misleading. (At least I guess it was translated in that direction, because it looks like one of those "false friends" mistakes.)

  • Jord:

    If you click "Continue" there (right beside the "defeat the wizard..." text) you will get your next leads.

    I hope that helps. If you need any more tips, just ask. :)

  • Please - I need some help.

    I started only today and stuck in the "Schatzsuche"
    "Damit kann ich die Bretter befestigen, fehlt noch ein Hammer."

    Where can I find a hammer, please? I do have a towel, a Butterbrot, Bretter and Nägel, but no hammer

    thanks in advance

  • Sorry for asking, I started just today and get stucked with the Ivy and Cattail. Cattail is telling me to chase off the caterpillars, how do you do that? And where can I get the Ivy?
    I have the towel and the wood stick, am I doing smth wrong?

  • Gilmen:
    You need a Rose, Cattail and Ivy. You should get the rose first. I'll assume you have it already. If not, here's the tip:

    The Cattail and the caterpillar:
    The caterpillar can be found exactly on the right of the ring of green (leaves) around the Cattail (in the 3 o'clock position, it's a small, blue, wiggly line, basically).

    Once you got rid of the caterpillar harvest a Cattail by clicking on it.

    Only after you've got the rose and the Cattail you can get the Ivy.

    I hope this helps. If you have further questions, just ask away. :)
    The best of luck questing on !

  • I've been busy with various Christmas advents and left the treasure hunt for a leisurely walk "later". Now I can't find it :(

    Oh, it has disappeared! :( I hope that's temporary, like a glitch or that they're adding to it. Every so often I play it, and it's nice that newcomers have a chance at those prizes still.